WordPress SEO Essential Settings To Boost Online Presence


For every blogger, internet marketers, internet geeks and all, If you have got a website and luckily if is is running on WordPress, then you absolutely know the power of it. But alone blogging in your website and knowing Content is King is not enough. Now get Revised to this new slogan

[blockquote source=”Content is King.”][/blockquote]

[blockquote source=”Design is Queen.”][/blockquote]

[blockquote source=”SEO is Charming Prince.”][/blockquote]

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization has both Pros and cons. If you madly start adding tags and categories that are not related to your website or any of its content, then it can cause huge quantity of search index. Now you may be thinking ” huge Search Index ” – wow , That’s Good – Niraj Kashyap has gone mad. Am I mad, then let me remind you, Google don’t want quantity, It wants quality. As Its said, ” Quality Over Quantity.


Also it is good to add ‘noindex’ to your useless pages or the pages that are used only a few times. So as wordpress has lots of function, they need to be managed very well. We all know how popular is wordpress and so is the SEO. So lets stop talking about other thing – ” Faltu Bateh – Hindi “. lets get started about the SEO for WordPress.

As we have talked SEO can never end, but atleast you can bring it near to end.


Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

The best SEO Plugin for wordPress is known by all – Its “SEO by Yoast” . So before starting this , if you have installed a New WordPress Site for your website, then you should read this post too –Essential WordPress Setting After Fresh WordPress Installation.

So lets begin, First of all login to your WordPress Admin dashboard. navigate to

Now the plugin is activated, you can see a SEO tab with a yellow wrench. Click on that, ”

Yoast WordPress SEO: General Settings

will pop open up, Scroll below to Webmaster Tools, now if you need to verify your website. you will need the meta tags of Google, Bing and Alexa for checking your ranking. Just copy and fill your meta id in respective fields.


This is one of the important things you need to care. Titles are the ones that will appear on search engines when any query or keyword related with your website is searched.

Check the following


Title settings

Sitewide meta settings



under home section add a beautiful and meaningful meat description for your website.

Don’t make any differences in Post type, Taxonomies and Others.


Social Setting

Under Facebook, you will have view something like,


Click the Add Facebook Admin and wait till it loads


Do the same to Twitter and Google Plus.

Ok lets move to xml


use our settings for the best use of xml sitemap, if you want to have your own customized, you can go for it.

xml sitemap-tricks2blogging.com


This were the simple, but important settings that will boost your online presence and your SEO much more than any other settings.

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  1. One of the best Tutorial I ever had. A real step by step Guide that can help even a newbie like me to get started.
    Niraj, you article rocks.

  2. Niraj, we’re happy your happy with the other plugin. We’re also happy to provide our All In One SEO Pack, the most downloaded plugin for WordPress, to our customers. We also support our plugin in both the WordPress.org forums here: http://bit.ly/aioseowpsupport, and through our forums available to Pro subscribers. The other plugin only has support for paid users.

    We’re sure, if given the opportunity, your readers would love to know why AIOSEO is the preferred SEO plugin for #smallbusiness. We hope you will write about AIOSEO in the future, so that your readers can make a choice based on features and simply not on what someone’s favorite plugin is.

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