Why You Should Stop Guest Blogging in 2015

Why You Should Stop Guest Blogging in 2015

Just say no to Guest Blogging, I mean, Think like a professional blogger or like a business man. You are not going to get anything in return by giving your contents for free. Even if you get backlinks, what is the use of it if it is not going to get you visitors. Well if you want to build up your social profile around the Internet then Guest Blogging on Mashable, Tech Crunch, TheNextWeb or any other popular sites like them may definitely help you out building your brand reputation of your social profile.

Once you start blogging and you start conquering the new heights and regular traffic, other bloggers will try to bait you by asking your permissions to share your contents on their website and in return offer you a backlink . Don’t get overjoyed that they have asked permission to share your content on their website, even if you get a link back , you are going to profit from it as the visitors will land on their website, read the content and go way.

They will be in no way come to your website and scramble your contents. Despite of it, you should ask the same permissions from them that if they can share your contents on their website then you too will have the rights to share his content on his website.

This will not just get you new posts but will also help your audience/readers to get fresh contents from your and your subscribers to get new feeds of your items regularly. This will help you far more to increase your traffic and get bundle of backlinks and response from the community.

Guest Blogging from Google’s Perspective

Well before google rolled their latest algorithm updates, it was known to everyone that Guest blogging help you to get backlinks and sharing your contents and grabbing links boost your website on search engine results and help you rank higher, but sadly – “Not Anymore”.

Google has made it clear that they are not going to rank a website higher based on their backlinks, as using BlackHatSEO you can exploit this method and get thousands of backlinks in a day or two. So now google in going to determine how well is your contents on your website and rank you accordingly to it. Which is really great for all those author and publishers as they can now focus directly on their contents they published and stop wasting their time on such a rubbish.

Moreover building relationship with other bloggers and Audience cannot be automated and cannot be done by using some type of bots. when you do it personally with interest in it, then the relationship you build is much more valuable then a backlink, as you start getting into a bigger business rather than ending with something useless

2 way Partnership

As you or your website starts gaining popularity, big and popular sites will try baiting you as asking for permissions for publishing your contents on their blog and in return offering you a credit or a backlink to your post. But it won’t actually happen and will be in vain as your credits you lie at the very end of the post and as soon as the visitor completes reading his post he will move on to the next post and completely ignoring the source or the credit link.

So to get rid of that stupidity ask for a 2 way partnership from the person who is seeking permission to publish your posts on their website. This partnership will definitely help you in growing your visitors, traffic and popularity.

Getting contents from a well popular websites will significantly boost your visits and audience as their post are well optimised for readers and seo. For your blog, visitors and audience will gets a lot new contents and your engagement rate will significantly rise up.

For those who are still looking for backlinks, can check this out 50 Great Ways To Increase Quality Backlink’s for Your website.


Well if you are sharing your contents just to get backlink, that backlink worth’s zero as you won’t get any new audience and even you will lose your contents. So what do you think about Guest Blogging.

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So, how else can you increase your Backlinks?


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  1. Hello! I am a new blogger, and your insights are very much appreciated! I have a question: I’ve read that websites may get “punished” by Google if it finds copied content. I am curious to know if guest blogging can harm SEO? After all, it’s kind of like a copied content; even though the bloggers are safe from the copyright standpoint, I would imagine that those crawlers would not be able to determine it? I might be wrong, of course:) Thanks in advance for any info!

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