Why isn't my site's PageRank changing?

Why isn't my PageRank changing?

Is your website not improving in Google pageRank despite regular updates and original + foolproof content. wondering, What could be the reason? Fix it with the guide below.

What is PageRank?

According to Google Webmasters, PageRank is the number of links referring to your site, the referring links should not be any link. It should be a High Quality and high in numbers. Pagerank is also highly affected Google’s updates for PageRank script and Algorithm Update.

PageRank is not about quality of links, its all about link’s Quality and Page authority. You can measure your Page Authority Level via the moz toolbar. Many factors affect the pagerank. Here’s a list of few of them:

  • Depth Of Link
  • Quality of Links
  • Quantity of Links
  • Authority Level of the link
  • Your Important Link
  • Number of people know about it

Your traffic decides how much your blog is going to get rank in Pagerank. Yes, all is of traffic and organic, I’m not talking about link exchange and getting traffic from any site. when you get organic traffic and your blog gets views from search results there is a chance you may get a backlink, as those visitors are searching for the content your blog may appear in search results.

You need a Tree!

You need to create a tree like structure for your blogs homepage, so that every important content and links on your blog in indexable and crawl-able by the search bots. Creating a tree structure is like a Triangle where you have all your important links and content on your homepage and the content on your homepage includes all the links to your other not so important links, so by this way you make a tree structure more easily.

Learn How you can make the search bot crawl and index all your links on your blog from a single page. 

Mr.Cutts clarified that the Google PageRank toolbar is only updated once in a while so it doesn’t change no matter what optimization is done. Clearly, if the PageRank toolbar is only updated once or twice a year or two, it wouldn’t update your ranks and show them in real-time. As google toolbar is not used anymore as newer versions of browser don’t support toolbars, not even google chrome and overtime the PageRank status indicator will most likely be removed gradually.

Cutts advises, What matters the most with PageRank is the number of backlinks to a website, which is why it’s important to make sure you have homepage with well tree links.

PageRank does not necessarily mean you get higher rank in search engine results and bring more website traffic or sales. It is more improving metrics for your site. Although PageRank isn’t totally worthless because in a way, it contributes to the indexing frequency of your website and it shows or indicates penalties from bad strategy or back linking.

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