What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

Project Management

Software / Web

To-do lists/Tasks management apps:

Task Fulfilment

Real World

  • Smartphone
  • Notebook
  • GoToMeeting or equivalent
  • IP Phone (with voice mail forwarding)
  • Post-its
  • Large LCD Monitor (meetings, collaboration, dashboard)
  • Large empty wall
  • Tape
  • Large table
  • MethodKit
  • Sleep
  • Unwinding (relaxation, meditation, recreation)

Dashboard / Analytics


Sales / CRM

Collaboration/Client Portal

Contact Form

tools for entrepreneurs

Customer Service / Live Chat

Subscription Management


  • Lua – Enterprise Mobile Messaging
  • – 1 to Many Messaging for your Personal Network
  • Hall – Business Messaging
  • Piethis.com – Better chat for work
  • Ginger
  • http://Skype.com

Software Listing Sites

Industry News

Competition and sales Research


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Launching Soon Page:

  • LaunchSoon

Landing Pages

      Self Hosted:

Turnkey Websites

DIY Web Site Creation

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What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?
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9 thoughts on “What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?”

  1. Excellent article, Niraj. Great list. I’d make a quick addition to the list. Do check out grexit.com, really good for sharing emails (by just adding labels – no need to forward), and for delegating emails to your team-mates. It also lets you write notes on emails.

  2. ohhhh…….such a great list really……thats a great list of tools for use

    your articles are great niraj

  3. He, I would like to add one more productivity tool in your DIY Web Site Creation list . That is TemplateToaster .You can speed up web development with the help of templatetoaster. Whether, you are developing eCommerce websites or non-eCommerce websites, you can employ the TemplateToaster for any purpose.

  4. I’d like to add GoSmallbiz.com . You get unlimited business consuling, hosted website with website builder, CRM that uses Mailchimp for maiing, issue tracker for customer service or internal issues, HR document manager, business and legal forms/letter templates, corporate minutes writer, business training and more. All for $14.95 per month with a LegalShield (http://legalshieldassociate.com/kellysitth) business plan or $24.95 a month standalone.

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