Top Free & Best WordPress Plugins That you Should Install.

Hi! there, I am Niraj Kashyap, and today i have brought you the top wordpress plugins for 2014 that you should have installed and if not then you should. The plugins that are listed below are free and can be installed or downloaded from wordpress plugin directory. This list have been made through rough and realtime experiment on our test site. So you could rely on this list even closing your eyes.


This list contains plugins from Social to Sharing to Stats to Customizing to posting to Highlighters to SEO boosters to Codes to addons and to related contents..

Wow it have included almost everything, That’s nice, isn’t it?

So lets Begin….

#1 – Google Pagespeed Insights

Whether you do anything, show any content, make beautiful web pages or just keep going, If you don’t have a speed loading page, everything is on a trash can, Yes. so a regular check of your page speed load is necessary, but no one wants to go everything to a page load speed test website and test everyday. It is very annoying to do everyday, or every hour.

So ” Abra Ka Dabra – Khul za sim sim ” – Here is google page speed insights



#2 Word Stats

This notorious plugin keeps track of your word usage, your top 20 keywords, word count on posts and creates a graph of your performance level, Even it lets you show off your graph to your audience by just a pasting a shortcode.

Word Stats


#3 – Contact Form 7



#4 – Google XML Sitemaps


This superman.. i mean Google xml sitemap generates fantastic xml sitemap for your wordpress site, which is acceptable by,, and many others. Till now none can even compete with this plugin.

We all know what sitemap does, if you don’t know then four your kind information, XML sitemap is just a clone of your website in ‘XML’ format which can easily be converted and understandable by Search engines, email bots, feeds scrappers.



#5 – WP Social SEO Booster


Turn your website into a seo Booster and and get great google rankings. This plugin adds Facebook Open Graph meta codes, Twitter Card meta codes and Google Rich Snippets to your website to boost your search engine visibility.



#6 – Jetpack


All in one Super pack, this plugin delivers what many plugins can’t. As it is created by automattic Inc. It provides cool features like Stats, Shorturl, Forms, email subscription, facebook like box, and we got tired counting its features. Its a essential and recommended plugin that you should have.


#7 – W3 Total Cache 

w3 total cache

Are you dreaming to make a wonderful website without this plugin, then we would be sorry to say to broke the glass your dream was standing on. Yes if now Caching no power, Caching does is when someone loads your website for the first time, it saves the static files on visitors browser and computer, so as the static files are cached, the next he open or browse here and there, the same content is no longer needed to download, as it fetches from the computer itself..

Didn’t understand yet? Oh, it makes your website load speedily.


#8 – Regenerate Thumbnails

regenerate thumbnail

Have you recently changed your theme, and now everything is messy, thumbnails sizes have gone wrong.. No matter what happened, this will not happen in future, Yes, because you got the magic of thumbnail regenerate..



#9 – broken Link Check

broken link check

As the name suggest, broken link check will regularly check for links and will notify you in admin dashboard area or by email about any broken links. It also prevents broken links to be searched and indexed by Google and other search engine.


#10 – AddThis Smart Layers


This is the best option of increasing engagement when it comes to responsiveness, what more could we say. its the right tool at the right place.



#11 – Crayon Syntax Highlighter


Got any html, php, css blah…other codes to display, don’t just ctrl+v or cmd+v it. Make it glow as it always want to, Every type of codes have got it own syntax highlighter… beautiful, comes with lots of theme, from github style to blackboard. Recommended Plugin if you deal with any type of codes.



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