Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog

Top 5 Best & Free WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog

WordPress Security Plugins

wordpress security plugins to maintain your WordPress Security. So after researching and trying each and every plugin on our another website which we use for testing reasons and trying new things, and after a deep research and finding the best plugins among them.

The best part is that we have included every type of wordpress security plugin, from backend to frontend. Means this list of plugins are going to safe guard your blog from back of your users visibility , means attacks from bots or hackers and also protect your blog from front end like spammers and spamming auto bots.



Akismet is a free wordpress Plugin that protects your wordpress blog on the front end by stopping spamming users and their comments getting spread in your posts and website. Akismet is like a ointment for your blog to get rid of the unwanted comments and spam links, it takes the pain from you of editing or moderating the comments.

As we know that it can get a hell break out if we don’t have the akismet working for us. As the automated bots can paste atleast 3 spam comments with spam links in your blog in a minute, So just imagine in an hour. At first you will jump out in joy that you are getting traffic but it won’t take any longer to change your joy into pain, finding out that its not traffic, its SPAM.

Learn: How to setup Akismet for your wordpress and get rid of SPAMS. [ Video Tutorial ]



Protect yourself from sploggers or spam users, don’t allow them to fill up your data base and register and start abusing your wordpress blog . The sploggers or spam users can force you to remain more busy on moderating things and force your blog on consuming its all resources. Moreover famous Blogs allow guest posting, even Tricks2Blogging provides guest posting and this sploggers are in a chance to register and post their spam posts on our blog and get traffic redirected to their websites and sales page.

WanGuard ones activated in your wordpress blog, regularly checks for sploggers on your wordpress users database and once found blocks them and informs you. Moreover the best function that we like is that WangGuard protects each blogs by using the latest information from its database and check for sploggers by using the information provided by administrators who inform Sploggers from all over the world.

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Better WP Security

This Plugin is the guru of all the wordpress security plugins now available on the Internet. This plugin comes in 2 variants for your blog, Free and Pro, which is basically paid. This plugin dramatically provides more than 30+ ways of strengthening your wordpress blog.

As by a research, it has been found that more than 47000 WordPress sites are hacked daily because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software. You can’t focus on everything at once, like blogging, researching, marketing and your wordpress security. But for now you can leave your wordpress security on this plugin and reset without worrying.

Some of the best features in this plugin are as follows:-

  • 2 step verification for your blog users login,
  • password expiration,
  • malware scanning,
  • users tracking,
  • dashboard stats,
  • GEOIP banning,
  • Generate Strong Passwords,
  • Many many more…..

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Limit Login Attempts

WordPress is a little stupid, when it comes to user login. It allows unlimited login attempts if your credentials are not right, and for hackers or spammers who are trying to get access to your blog would absolutely like this feature and would assign an bot to keep trying login until it get access to the Admin panel.

But fortunately this plugin gets that part secured and holds all the bad guys beyond that line as it provides 3 attempts to login to your admin panel. No matter whether you are an Admin , Editor, Registered user or Subscribers you get the same option when you try to login.

It gives you the option of setting the number of tries and the lockout period, and also records each stats of wrong attempts.


Wordfence [ Backend ]


Wordfence is the only Plugins that scans in live and deals in real-time distributed protection and is the only wordpress security plugins that scans your core files, themes files and plugins to scan for any malware scripts or any other. It also allows you to block the Ip’s of the scammers and hackers.

Wordfence shows bots crawler on real time, bots like google crawler and scrappers or any other else. It adds even more security with the two step login, country blocking, performance setup and scan schedule


Remove Admin User

Many times when you install wordpress via your control panel like cPanel or any other provided by your hosting company. It automatically creates a user with the Admin as name, as Admin name is much more guessed and hackers favourite when it comes to attack and find some name.

Just deleting or changing the name from Admin to any other reduces about 60% of hackers attacks to your blog.  A new safer approach is to create a Administrator privilege user with any other name and just use that user for maintaining your website, and create another user with Author or Editor privilege for writing post and sharing in public.

To do the above process, just follow this steps

Login to WordPress admin panel
Go to Users -> Add New

Next Create another user, which you will be using to write post or create pages that will be visible in public with “Author” or “Editor” privilege.
Log out of WordPress, re-login with your new admin user.
Go to Users
Remove “admin” user
If “admin” have posts, remember to attribute all posts and links back to the new user.




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  1. WordPress security plugins are the only solution to protect your website from hacking and other illegal activity. WordPress has the most powerful security plugins as compared to its competitor. There is no type of website that you can’t build with WordPress. It is all because of the plugins, which make WordPress super flexible. iThemes and Acunetix are the two others Security plugins that can be very helpful in securing your WordPress Website.

    1. That’s right Davis, but it also depends on many factors since the moment you start installing your wordpress and other plugins and themes also play roles in the security.


  2. Time to think outside the box Niraj! 🙂 Look for “newer”, perhaps less well-known, but still very popular security plugins and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

    You should try our Security Firewall plugin and it’ll do what most of these plugins here do, and more, and in many cases better. The source is here:


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