What Happened When I Switched To Thesis & Why?

Switched To Thesis

I am getting a lot of emails asking about our New Design, Thesis Framework and the reason behind I choose Thesis.

Well from the beginning I started this blog, My focus was only on 2 things,

  • Quality Content

The blogs design from frontend [what you see] and backend [what bots/crawler sees] plays a vital role for your blogs success.

Since I started blogging, T2B has gone through atleast 12 Designs, Seriously more than 12 designs. After analysing and studying what people and bots likes in a web design, we made this final output of design termed “Thunder” which is our final design and is based on Thesis Framework.

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We will optimising it from time to time as we usually do.


Thesis – The simple it looks the powerful it is.  By Niraj Kashyap

Reasons i switched to Thesis.
[ois skin=”inpost”]

Search Engine Optimization pre coded

Everyone loves that their Blogs to be fully Search Engine Optimization 

So choosing a light, clean and SEO ready skin or theme is recommended by us.

Since using thesis, our Load time has decreased to 1.74 sec for first load and 0.764 m/secs the second loads

and we have seen the difference in our traffic since then. As our Skin was custom designed by ThesisFusion LLC on our demand, they have very well optimised our skin load time and SEO.

Load Time

As mentioned in the above paragraph, since using thesis, our Load time has decreased to 1.74 sec for first load and 0.764 m/secs the second loads. But before then, when i used themes like you all guys T2B load time was between 10 -15 seconds.

Google has also made it public that website load speed is going to be accounted when determining search ranking. Means the lesser the load time the more your blog has the chances to rank higher.

The best part – Tricks2Blogging’s Load time with less than 1 sec is done without using any CDN or cloud service – Amaizing, ISN’t it!

Well this point was kept in mind from the very beginning of our designing process and yes we made it, Not to what we thought but yes. Our Target was 0.5 secs and we achieved 0.7 sec.

Not bad.

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[ois skin=”inpost”]

What Happened after Switching?

Pingdom result [1st load]

Why i choosed Thesis


Well thats our 1st load and we scored 90 out of 100. Thats Great.

Coming next to Google page speed, here’s what we get

75 by 83 in google page speed

QuickSprout Test

quick sprout test

Yahoo Yslow Test

Yahoo Yslow Test


Well seems quite Good position, without using any CDN or Cloud service.


You can get your copy of thesis with license and updates from here, with a wide variety of plans and offers to choose from and lots of skins that suits you well.

Remember: Our SEO results and traffic significantly increased from the day we stitched to thesis.

Got any question, Queries anything. ASK Niraj or comment below your question to Get Answered!


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