Super Fast: Speed Load WordPress Blog within 2 Seconds

Speed Load your wordpress Blog

You want to know the secret to a faster WordPress website? without paying a penny!! Want to Speed Load WordPress Blog within 2 Seconds.

You and everyone else wants the same.

But it’s not a secret. The problem is that there is a whole lot of misguide posts out there that makes it hard for site owners/ newbie bloggers like you to identify the solutions that really work. So inorder to cut the crap out, I invested my time in research for the best way to speed up my post without paying any penny. Here is a post with a DIY video tutorial

Let’s cut the crap and turn down the hype.

If your villa has foundation problems, you don’t treat your doors. You fix the foundation. If your bike is idling rough, you don’t change your tires. You get under the hood and address the engine.

Decreasing load time not only improves your organic traffic but it also increase your conversion rate and maintain your readers interest. It will give an amazing user experience, it will also help in reducing the bounce rate of your blog.

Are you serious about blogging? Then you should use

In today’s post, we will reveal more than ten (10) tricks you can use to make your WordPress site faster without paying a penny to others. Take and run this proven steps with the DIY video tutorial on the Blogging University and see the difference.

So if your WordPress website is slow, why on earth would you look to the edges first for a solution?

You look to the core

No matter what themes or Plugins you use, this method can be applied on all wordpress blogs, however have  a backup before getting started.

When it comes to theme and plugins

There is a reason why more than 100,000 people use Genesis

Your Audience is hardly going to be patience for your article if your website doesn’t loads within a few seconds. Buying a theme just for its beauty can be dangerous as “Bad code = Bad Site = Bad Experience” No matter its your theme or plugin its going to sink your website your site reputation and nothing valuable can cure it, excerpt the load time.

If your site starts trending and receives a huge traffic bomb, its definitely going to crash as the servers will have high load. This is why you need to choose a clean theme. The Genesis Framework and every single child theme from the diyGenesisThemes team are exactly that.

This is also why you need to keep your plugin folder as clean as possible and update them as soon as their new version are released. Keep only the essential plugins that are super essential for you, using plugins just to make your site pretty and take you to deep trouble.

How to speed load wordpress within 2 seconds

I have recently made some tests over this months with my blog and used several tools that will help me me boost my load speed and of-course I kept in mind that it all need to be free as my mission was to provide free methods of speeding up wordpress load time.

Here are some great points that you should consider using to reduce wordpress load time.

Turn On Gzip Compression

Compressing is a must if you want the site faster, you can also make use of 3 Ways To Speed Up WordPress Load Time By Compressing.

You can compress resources by gzipping your assets like images, scripts and stylesheets to a lower munch minified version from their original size. The number of bytes send and received determines your load time.

For wordpress, there are lot of plugins that does the best in compressing WP Super Cache, w3 total cache. But in order to get the best results you need to take care of this too.


There are two things you need to do to make sure your web content compresses effectively:

  • Use the best wordpress products
    • Use well Optimised Themes.
    • Be consistent with your casing and use lowercase as often as possible.
    • Make sure you are consistent with your HTML tag attribute quotes.
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS by getting rid of unnecessary line breaks, extra space, etc.

I recommend using one of these tools to minify JavaScript: JSMin, Closure Compiler or Yahoo’s Compressor.

Reduce HTTP Requests to Your Server

Every file like CSS, JavaScript, Images, etc you use on your website directly or indirectly increases your page load time. You must use as few files as possible, though sometime its better to combine all the relative files together. See how to combine all the files manually in our Blogging University.

speed load wordpress

Spread your static content with CDNs

Your website is hosted on a server which is on a specific location in some country, now readers who hits your website from some different countries, they have to download all the static files from that location to their browser to have your website loaded properly.

Because the location of the user impacts page load speed, spreading your content across different servers across the globe will speed up this process. You can use a content delivery network (CDN) to make this happen.

So What exactly is a CDN? CDN is a bunch of servers spread across the globes to serve your content:

  • Send files faster – Cached files are sent from the nearest server located to that user.
  • Shrink file size – CDNs deliver content that is without cookies. No bloated files.

For example, a CDN service provider could have servers in California, Toronto, New York, Sweden and Hong Kong. When a user accesses your site from India , the files might get served from Hong Kong. Someone in Mexico might get served content from California.

CDN comes for free and paid too, Some most popular free CDN is CloudFlare.

Optimize Your Images

Your images can have a great impact on your page speed. As we mentioned Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Optimize Image Performance, and ignoring this can cause serious damage to your load time. A website with non-optimized images is a complete drag, and it will consume your bandwidth, slow down everything and ruin user experience (UX).

speed load wordpress

Before uploading make sure to optimize your images for WordPress, compress them or save the files for the web. If you don’t know how to do so, you can use the wordpress plugins that are capable of doing the same task for you automatically. Another important thing is to only use the proper size of image that you required, as for example if you need an 150×150 image, then dont upload something like 1200×800 and scale down it.

Don’t know where to look? Here are a few examples:

  • Pix Resizer (Download at
  • Image Optimizer
  • Yahoo Image Compressor.
  • Optimus

WordPress Plugins For Speeding the load time

I recommend you to have a look at ” WordPress Plugins that Speeds Up your Blog Load time”


Quick Summary

While websites get richer and cooler in design, page speed slows down. Sacrificing site speed to have the newest tool is probably not worth for you and your readers also the money you may lose because of latency issues. So, until a tool proves itself as a money maker, it’s probably best to hold off your hands from spending.

What other ways or tools have you used to improve your site performance?

As Matt from Google Webmaster has said that Providing great user experience and ranking well in search engines are now tied into page speed and site performance in general. So here is a to-do list

  1. Choose the best WordPress hosting (We use and love Bluehost, as many top websites and blogs are hosted on bluehost)
  2. Delete old plugins that you don’t use
  3. Update the plugins and themes regularly
  4. Reduce HTTP requests to your server by combining files
  5. Optimize your images with some wordpress plugins
  6. Turn on Gzip compression on your wordpress blog
  7. Take advantage of caching plugins and content delivery networks (CDN)
  8. Put Stylesheets at the top and scripts at the bottom
  9. Limit your external scripts request
  10. Minify, your files as far as possible.
  11. Take out the trash
  12. Clear your revisions
  13. Deactivate Jetpack features you don’t use


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