Sidebar Below Content: How to fix sidebar below content error in WordPress

If your theme is facing the issue of sidebar below content issue or content below sidebar, then this article will definitely help you solve this. Before you begin you need to figure out where the problem lies.

In this article we have showed how you can identify the problem, if you have already identified the problem then click on the below options to directly jump of those section.

This issue occurs due to the following reasons.

Where does this issue exist?

Figuring out where this issue is occurring on your site can be a great indicator of where the problem exists.

Issues with HTML Elements

Fixing issues of the div elements.

Okay, so you’ve pinpointed where the problem is. The first step should be identifying any issues with the div blocks in your file.

Check to see if all the div files have proper opening(

) and closing(
) tags. To check the divs element use “inspect element” feature on chrome or firefox.

This issue is due to an extra or a missing, which can be easily fixed by adding or removing the divs.

Sidebar Below Content: How To Fix Sidebar Below Content Error In WordPress

you can right-click on your web page and select Inspect Element. This can make it easier for you to troubleshoot issues with the code on your site.

Issues with CSS Elements

Fixing issues of the CSS elements.

Its the css that makes the visual so appealing, but a little mistake can turn that beauty into a cobweb like design. Since there are a lot of screen sizes which may sometime turn the design down or even break the design.

Screen sizes are expressed as media-screen, the width of the web page has a lot to do with the how the elements display. The standard size of a div element is 960px, and if the width , margins and paddings exceed the size of 960px then it will overflow and will produce sidebar below content.

To make this changes you can either use ftp or use the Appearance > Editor and edit the style.css and make the require changes.

Floating Errors That Cause Issues with Your Site’s Sidebar

If for any reason your theme’s div elements is missing the float value, then the elements doesn’t know exactly which side the elements should float to each other.

The more important property is the float property, which typically appears in two formats:

  • float: left;
  • float: right;


Does this issue exist on pages?

Create a new page and view it, if you face the sidebar under content issue then analyze whether it html problem or css problem.

Edit page.php if its an HTML problem or style.css if its css problem.

Does this issue exist on pages with blog posts?

Open a few blog post and check whether this issue appears on blog posts or not. If the sidebar under content issue appears on that single post then you should edit the single.php using .FTP or Appearance > Editor.

Does this issue only exist on a specific page or blog post?

If your sidebar appears below content on a specific page or blog post, then the content on that page has some extra divs or is missing some divs.

How can I prevent my sidebar from dropping below the content?

We have troubleshooted this issue numerous times, and everytime the reason is the same. There is an extra opening div tag or an unclosed div element on the page. The only solution is to find the DIV tag relating with this issue and either add or remove a div opening/closing tag.

Look the above Image and the below image for reference.

Sidebar Below Content: How To Fix Sidebar Below Content Error In WordPress



Issues with Plugins


Only 1 Out of 10 times, a plugin is responsible for this issue. Plugins that add an extra feature to the page may mistakely add an extra DIV tag on the page which may often break the page layout and shift the sidebar below content.

Right sidebar showing below content or Left sidebar showing above content are some othe issues of an extra DIV tag.

Final Thoughts

This is a simple issue but it can be difficult for novice wordpress users an bloggers to fix it by themselves. You can either learn basic HTML and try to fix it or hire a freelancer from fiverr just @ $5 []


If you are adding any codes on your theme by yourself, its better to check that all opening tags are corresponding to thie closing tags, and also follow the web designers standards of using the tree view while coding or adding your own codes.

Lastly, if you can’t figure it out, don’t hesitate to politely ask your theme’s developer what the issue might be. They may just have the solution you need! or just hire a freelancer at fiverr for $5


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