How to Resolve WordPress Admin White Screen of Death.

How to resolve wordpress admin white screen of death

If you are blogging for a long time, then I am sure you have at least had a white screen of death in Admin area. Its a very annoying problem and what makes it rare is it completly makes the wordpress admin area blank, means you dont have any clue what wrong and you are locked out of the admin panel.

What is exactly white Screen of Death in Admin Area?

White Screen of Death in admin area is a memory limit error with infinite loop, this means memory error triggers a loop error which is not resolved until the infinite loop is ended.

Majority of time this error is triggered when some plugin exhaust the memory limit. This could be due to the following:

1. Plugin
2. Theme
3. Web Hosting 
4. Memory Limit
5. Others

When the white screen of death comes, you won’t notice any differences on the front site, visitors can come, read your posts, do bloah…blah… and just go.

The problem are seen on admin area, whether they are contributor or Admin or super Admin. In most of the cases you are locked out.

So, Now you know about the problem? SOLUTION!!

As WordPress Admin Area White Screen Death can be occured due several factors, but here are some solutions.

Error Due to Plugin

In most of the cases that we have found out, this error was triggered due to a faulty plugin.

Most of the time when some plugins get outdated or doesn’t comply to the standards of wordpress codex, then there is a possibility that this type of error can occur.


Try disabling all the plugins you have got installed in wordpress. Don’t know how to disable all the plugins, here is the guide to disable all the plugins without visiting wordpress admin dashboard. 

Once you have disabled all the plugins try visiting your wordpress admin panel and reload it, if it works perfectly like it used to do, then your problem is almost solved.

The next task is activating your plugins but One by One. Yes, activating one by one helps you check which plugin is conflicting with wordpress and makes it easier for you to remove the faulty plugin.

If this fixes the issue, then enable one plugin at a time to get to the bottom of the issue and completly delete the faulty plugin or check for if it has an update.

Error Due to theme

Sometimes an incompatible theme can also be the cause.

Theme can provoke this mostly when you arte using an 3rd party wordpress theme, where the developer has not followed the wordpress codex guide properly and coded out of standards.


The best and easy way to fix this is by deleting the theme folder via FTP or renaming it to something else. WordPress will automatically fallback to the default wordpress theme.

Alternatively you can do this via the phpMyAdmin, access your database and update the tables in wp_options.

The following table names would have to be updated:

template, stylesheet, and current_theme. Change the value to twentytwelve or the latest twenty series.

Error Due to Web Hosting

This error is easy to figure out, if you are running multiple websites then the first thing you should check is that does all the woordpress sites have the same white screen of death.

If your answer is then you should definitely get with touch with your hosting provider.

This is the only indicator that your web hosting provider is having some issues.


If it is web hosting problem, then the only help can be provided is via the web hosting support team.

If the issue is only happening with a single post or page or with only one specific website, then you know it is definitely a problem with your specific site.

Try the solutions mentioned above for themes, and plugin.

Error Due to Memory Limit

As limited memory can be the culprit or a misconfigured plugin consuming all the memory resources. In both the cases its you who is the victim.


Usually this issue happens because your memory is being exhausted by some reason or due to infinite loop. Here is our detailed guide on how to increase PHP memory in WordPress.


Error Due to Others

If none of the above fixes it, then you should look at some other fixes that works when you are out of options.


1. functions.php

Check if your theme functions.php file has some extra white spaces, if there are some extra white spaces at the bottom of the page then you should consider removing those spaces.

Sometimes due to some syntax error or poorly coded functions can cause this as well.

2. Core Corrupted

WordPress runs on php and php can sometimes cause unexpected errors or modify some files.

If your wordpress core files are corrupted, I suggest you to have a complete backup and then install a fresh wordpress.

3. Caching Plugin

Sometimes you can access the backend, means the admin panel is accessible but front-end of the site has white screen of death.

This is mostly due to caching plugins, just empty the entire cache and your website should be all back to normal.

Debugging to Resolve wordpress white screen of death.

While you are having the white scrteen of death, adding the below lines in your wp-config.php will out put all errors on the page. Which makes it easy to pickup the culprit from the bush.


Case Study

So to let you make more clear what this problem is, here we are showing you the case study exactly what happened with me.

It was back in december 2015, when I installed a custom plugin which didnt received any update for a long time. As soon as I activated the plugin I got a white page.

For a moment I thought that its my internet which is not working and I am only veiwing a cached version.

But just after a few minutes were passed I realised that it was not my internets problem, it was something else.

I right clicked on the page and clicked on the page source, to my surprise it was empty, so I accessed my ftp and deleted my plugin folder.

The site was back again, running fine. But within those few minutes when I searched and googled it, I didn’t find and guide on solving this error but found that others are also facing the same problems.

So here I made this guide for you

If this doesn’t solves your problem. Comment Below, and i will try to solve it and help you. If you have got any queries or want to know something, commenting is appreciated. Or just visit


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  1. Nice Tutorial… It really helped me.. I was frustrated how could i solve it, tried evrywhere even in wordpress official support & help but couldn’t figure. you are really helpful.
    I would recommend everyone to follow this fabulous blog and Niraj Kashyap

  2. Nice Tutorial… It really helped me.. I was frustrated how could i solve it, tried evrywhere even in wordpress official support & help but couldn’t figure. you are really helpful.
    I would recommend everyone to follow this fabulous blog and Niraj Kashyap

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