How To Register a Perfect Domain For Your Blog [ With Pics & Examples]

Dreaming About how to Get Register a Perfect Domain

You should know one thing before getting your own domain, Its your brand name on which you will build your own business. You domain name will resemble the business you do. Seriously some people take this process as a shit and picks any domain name that comes on their mind.  With just a small thinking, that you find suitable for your blog without researching it, is a waste of time and money, You can recover money but not time, and more you loose the Efforts that you take to build your so called perfect domain.How To Register a Perfect Domain For Your Blog

Today where more than 1000+ Blogs are registered everyday, your blog and easily be lost within them.

So what to do to avoid them, and register a perfect domain. Follow this Tips:


Choosing the Perfect domain name that suits your type.

  1. What ever type o domain you want, but you must opt for .com .
  2. If you want your domain to be like [ EG:, with .am as an extension }  buy it but redirect {301 redirect } it to ] 
  3. Don’t use any hyphen in domain. Visitors do forget any hyphen you use.
  4. Choose the domain name that resemble your blog. [ Like in our case, We provide Tricks, Guide tutorials for Blogging, SEO, backlinking, then our domain name resembles it : Tricks2Blogging ]
  5. Oh! Length does matter. Don’t buy domain names like, Thats stupid. You may want to choose something like,, etc.
  6. Choose generic domain name, Like if you sell used bike, Buy, instead of



Register a Perfect Domain to get a perfect branding

Branding is just a name on which you build your goodwill. And higher the goodwill, the higher you earn, check wikipedia for full definition. Thousands of starters make mistakes on choosing a wrong brand name, which you should definitely avoid doing.

Just check your brain, do you forget the brand name like Google, facebook, twitter etc, i could certainly say “NO”, you can’t forget that brands. So you should focus on name that catches eye quickly,  Yeah! when i say eye-catchy, don’t run for or something similar, take a look again at google, how simple it is, but now its dominating the entire web, ranking at No. #1.



Now i won’t say that keywords play a vital role, but it plays role to some extent. As google keep updating their algorithm, you can’t certainly say that what will happen next. Using keywords in your domain name is beneficial for Search engines, Oh! its not just limited to search engines, its effective on humans too.

But its hard to get the perfect keyword in your domain nowadays as many user to make their luck or earn huge money by selling their domains. Check this Bloggers who used keywords in their domain

Blogger’s Name [ OWNER ]
Niraj KashyapActive Blogger

Brain Dean





Add yourself

your website

your keyword

Video Tutorial


Social Media

Here comes the trick, as I have said you earlier to note the combination of domains in a paper, now heres the trick. before registering and buying the domain, search for the exact phrase in social networks. You should check the availability in social networks before Register a Perfect Domain. Here’s an example,

Like you want a domain and your keyword is weight loss, So from 20 combination you found these 2 favourable


Now you have two exact phrase, QuickWeightlossWeightLossTips. Try to search in social networks that is that phrase is available or someone has taken it. I mean like, try doing the same in other social networks like twitter, Pinterest, youtube, etc.

We Assume that we got the WeightLossTips as Available. The first thing you should do is get e email by that name [[email protected]] and register on fb,twitter etc with the name WeightLossTips. As soon as this step is completed rush to some good domain providers and buy your domain : [in this case].

Buy your domain from Godaddy or Bluehost. they provide great discounts



This is where you should make your website more expandable, it you are going to get a domain for a network, organisation, information service or something, then get the .net, .org, .info. So if your blog is about some organisation then get .org.

But .com is a plus point and mostly preferred by everyone because most of the users/visitors would type .com without thinking about it, that was it .org or .com.



There are thousands of registrar on the web offering you registration at very less discounts and more. But they could also be scam or if not, they won’t provide good DNS manager, support, features or response time. We recommend going for Godaddy, Bluehost or hostgator, we are recommending this as we have personal experience with them, and in case if you need any extra help we are there and even their great support.

To make your work easier for searching domain, I have integrated a domain search tool below from bluehost, If a domain is available in bluehost, you can buy if from Bluehost or either from your domain provider

Conclusion – BUY your Domain

Buy your domain from Godaddy


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