How You can Add Your Blog to Feedly & Increase Traffic

How You can Add Your Blog to Feedly & Increase Traffic

Feeds are essential part of your blog, if you don’t understand why then you should definitely know one small but essential truth, feeds are what helps spiders and bots to crawl your website and index it. More over it provides the option to feed readers and feed scrapers helping your content to spread everywhere in just a small size.

Why Feedly?

As Google announced to demise of Google Reader, i need some best feed reader that gives me much option and is as flexible as google reader and so after a long search I found FeedlyFeedly account is straightforward. You just click the ‘Add Content’ link and type the name or web address for the feed into the search field which appears.

Except, several of the blogs which I wanted to follow resulted in a “Sorry. No sites found.” error. Since there are millions of blogs even more than minions, you can hardly expect a feed reader to provide you every blogs feed, so i decided to turn myself to a Detective on how I can add the feeds of the blog i want and also add my feed on feedly.

It seems Odd that If you search the feedly you won’t find any place where you can add the feed URL. Still confused and seeing no obvious way of adding these “not found” blogs to Feedly, I attempted to follow my own blog. Here’s a Button, to follow my blog feed directly without searching anything.

follow us in feedly

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Frustrated and Angry that even finding the feed reader that i want I’m unable to add my feeds and the blogs feeds i follow. I tried to find the Feedly FAQ or help page and it’s weird that they didn’t include a help page link on the user dashboard. But, theres always the Google baba, I a quick tip from our baba I was able to found the Customer Feedback & Knowledge Base for Feedly.

On reading the entire document, It turns out, there is a simple but manual way to add a blog RSS to your Feedly account, if it doesn’t show up in their blog search. I hope that Feedly would provide links to the instructions beneath the “Sorry. No sites found.” error to help users. Until then, here’s the Complete tutorial with Video on Smart Active Blogger.


How to Add my Feed to Feedly?

Type the following into the URL bar of your web browser:
Replace with the RSS feed URL for blog you want to follow

For example, if you want to follow my blog, you would type the following:

Press enter and you will then see the RSS feed of the blog on the Feedly website. Click the green “+feedly” button next to the blog title to add the blog to your Feedly account.



Its easy and fruitful to add my feed to feedly, but its a bit complicated as in the ear where we are used to everything automated , we have to add our feed manually and its frustrating. Just follow the above steps to add your desired fee to feedly.

If you have any queries, suggestions or even a light bulb, Comment is appreciated


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