How To Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google Search Console

How To Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google Search Engine

If you have just started blogging then you would be curious that how your blog can appear on google search results and drive traffic.

Many newbies think that they need to pay to Google or hire some agency in order to show up their website in search results.

But, Its Free.

Yes! Listing your blog on google search results page is free and would require a few easy steps from your side.

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Google Search Console a.k.a Google Webmasters Tool is the tool that we are going to use. It is a free tool by Google which will help you list your blog and show up on search results.

To get started with Google Search Console, you need to verify that you own that domain and your are the current owner. To verify you will need to add a meta tags or other verifying methods.

After you have verified your website in Search console the next step is to submit your blog sitemap to google search console by submitting your sitemaps.

So before you begin, you should know what is a sitemap and why it is important to submit your sitemap to google search console.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a map of links of your website. The sitemaps is a XML file that contains all the links of your website. New websites are missed by google crawlers when they go around the web to crawl and index new links.

As new websites have fewer links and contents, the bots are not aware of them so by adding a sitemap to google search console you let the bot know about your blog and all the contents on your website.

A sitemap has various properties that can affect the performance and how its crawled by bots. This are size of the sitemap, number or links, priority and content type.

In WordPress sitemaps can be generated dynamically by using a plugin, but if you have a normal website then you need to use sitemap generators, but you need to repeat this process every time you create a new content but on WordPress it is a one time work.

Now you have known about sitemaps, its time to get your website listed on search results.

Submitting Your Blog Sitemaps to Google Search Console:

I will assume that you have created your sitemap by using a plugin if you are using WordPress or by using some online service if you have a static website. If you don’t have a sitemap, you can create a XML sitemap for WordPress in 2 minutes.

If you have created your sitemaps using offline apps then you need to upload it to the root directory of your website.

So now login to your google webmasters tools and select your site. From the menu on the left side, click on Crawls > Sitemaps > Add/Test Sitemaps.

Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google Search Console - sitemaps

After submitting your sitemaps, you will need to refresh the page or reload it. Google webmasters tool will show you whether the sitemap has been accepted and submitted or not.

Submit your blog sitemap

Depending on the size and the type of your sitemap, it may take time to render. If your blog has lots of images and custom post types, it is advised to use separate sitemaps for each of them as it will make it easier for you to maintain them and for google bots to crawl and index them.

The tool also shows the status of the sitemaps, like the number of web pages submitted and indexed, It also shows a separate status for images.

Once you have added all the sitemaps to Google search console, you have done all the steps required to get your blog showed up on Google search results.

That’s all. We hope this article helped you learn how to  Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google Search Engine. You may also want to see our guide on 15 Best Ways To Increase Google Crawl Rate Of Your Website that you should definitely read.

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