How To Submit and Verify WordPress Website in Google Webmaster Tools

How To Submit and Verify site ownership for Your WordPress Website in Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools is like a Heart for your website, whether you are running wordpress, tumblr, blogspot , etc. Google Webmaster tools is the gateway where your website and Google interact with each other, webmaster tells the google search algorithm what to do on your website and on the other hand it shows what the algorithm have received. So here is what you need to do to submit and verify wordpress in google webmaster tools

In simple words it means, indexing your website in google and attract visitors through search engines.  Now whether you have a single website or several websites, you must Submit and Verify WordPress in Google Webmaster Tools for each and every website in google webmaster, not just google webmaster but also submit on Bing Webmaster and Yahoo webmaster.

Just by completing a simple step of verifying your website in the webmasters, lets the webmasters know the genuine owner and enables you several functions like reports, tools, resources, search engine friendly, sitemaps crawling and many more.

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However, I think I should let you know that submitting and letting your website indexed in search engine doesn’t means that you will be in the top list of the search results, but atleast your website and articles/products will appear in the search results and will have the chances of getting clicked.

Why Should You Use Google Webmaster Tools and Submit and Verify WordPress in Google Webmaster Tools?

  • Google is the No.1 Search Engine
  • Google is the most viewed website in the world
  • To Ensure your website is crawled properly by Google Spiders.
  • Detailed reports on the crawl-ability of your website.
  • Check your website Health.
  • Detect and rectify issues and malware problems.
  • Understand how google is generating traffic to your website.
  • Control what appears in your search results.
  • Control what contents to be crawled, indexed and appear in search results by submitting SITEMAPS.
  • Check Duplicate contents
  • Check meta data errors and img alt blank fields.
  • Data to improve your website and search results.
  • many many… more……


Lets Get Started – Steps to Submit and Verify your WordPress / Website in Google Webmasters Tools.

To verify the genuine ownership of your blog, you have a few steps to complete with a few options to choose from. In this tutorial we are going to use the meta tag verify method as this step is very easy and hardly takes more than 2 minutes to verify, But we will also recommend you another step to verify for lifetime.


The Few Steps to SUBMIT and Verify your Website in Google Webmaster Tools with Few Options

Step 1 : First Visit Google Webmaster Tool

Step 2 : Login with your Google Account or Gmail id

Step 3 : Enter your website URL and click the Add a Site button. [ Note:- and is taken as two different website by google webmaster. So if your website uses “www” and you should add it or add a naked domain.] { If you have any confusion on this, comment below and i will help you within 24 hours.}

Google Webmaster Submit and Verify - submit and verify wordpress in google webmaster tools - Tricks2Blogging at Sep 07 13-08-51

Step 5: Now you will be redirected to another step with 2 methods and few options. Choose ” Alternative methods ” > HTML Tag.

Step 6 : A unique meta tag will be shown to you and will be directed to paste in between the “”  section. Something like this.

copy this code….

Step 7:- open a new tab and goto your wordpress admin dashboard with Administrator privileges.

Step 8:- Completing it the Easy way or The Hard Way..Choose what you like



  • Goto SEO > Dashboard > Webmasters Tools
  • Now paste the value in the Google Webmaster Tools, which you copied. Paste only the content value, as shown in the picture below.
  • Click save changes.
  • After it is saved, go back to the google webmaster tools, and click on verify…
  • If you have done correctly, it will verify you as the Genuine owner of the blog.

Wordpress SEO Yoast- meta tag setting- submit and verify wordpress in google webmaster tools- Tricks2Blogging at Sep 07 13-58-52

[Note: There are many plugins in the wordpress directory to verify the meta data of your website, but we recommend to use WordPress SEO Yoast plugins as it provides SEO Options to your blog with sitemap generating functionality.
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  1. This process is a bit notorious, as you must have a little idea of programming.
  2. Goto wordpress Admin Dahboard > Appearance > Editor
  3. Search for Header.php or if you are using any other frameworks then search for its file which responds for the header part. [ I said it, the hard way to complete the meta tag verification.]
  4. Click update or save changes
  5. Go to your google Webmaster Tools and click the verify.
  6. Done.


Your verification is completed. However if you delete the meta tag, google may request you to verify the ownership again. May be you don’t delete it or you changed you theme.. So to get rid of this problem, we recommend you to verify it for the life time of your website.

  • Goto Google Webmaster Tools and Choose Verify Owner from the top right setting icon.
  • Under Verification methods,choose Domain name provide.
  • Choose your Domain name provider and select Having Trouble – Add a CName record.
  • CName records will be given, copy and add it to your domain manager or DNS records manager or whatever your domain provider calls it.
  • Click the verify button.


Note:- Its a good practice to verify both www and non-www(naked domain) in google webmaster tools, as I metioned earlier that google sees it as two different websites.


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  • Don’t remove the meta tags, even after verified.
  • Verify both the www and non-www domain of yours.
  • You can mantian several websites using Google Webmaster Tools.

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If you have any doubts in above steps, feel free to leave a comment. Our Team is always happy and ready to help. As we say! Tricks2Blogging – Bloggers Who Inspire.




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