How To Setup A New Forum in WordPress with BBPress

So here’s a step by step guide on how you could setup a new Forum in WordPress with BBPress.  First you should have a blog running a wordpress CMS, and we recommend it to be on the latest version, now head-over to the Admin Dashboard and search and install the plugin “BBPress”  and activate it inorder to have a Forum in WordPress with BBPress.

After successful activation, Goto Dashboard>forums>Add New

Add a forum and name it whatever you want, but you need at least one forums to keep forum running and you also have the option to delete it later.

Then go into Admin dashboard>Topics>Add New .

Setting The Forum in WordPress with BBPress in Easy Way

The best and the easiest way accepted world-wide is here. Goto Admin dashboard>pages and add new page, and name it “Forums” or whatever you want.

Then goto the section area, the area where you write contents in a page or posts, choose text option from the two option – Visual and Text, and add the bbpress shortcode ” [bbp-forum-index] ”

Now the rest option is upto your wish, before or after adding the bbpress shortcode you can also add some introductory words or anything about your Forum

Now Save this page,

Displaying the Forum

The process of Activating, creating and Installing the bbpress theme is complete. Now you have to move to the next step, the page named “Forum” or anything that you have given is to set as the Front page , going to Settings>Reading, choose Static page> Front Page > Forum[Page name]


Changing the Settings of the Forum

Since your Forum is now on the go, you need to configure some other settings too. Head over to Settings > Forums, modify and save the changes. The one thing that you need to have a look is the Forum Root Slug,  Uncheck the Forum prefix if you don’t want the additional forum showing on your URL. Specially if you are just using the wordpress for forum.


With checked Forum Root Slug


Without checked Forum Root Slug




Now it all depends how you use, if you use wordpress blog + bbpress [forum], then you need to create individual sidebar for your blog and forum, specially if you want to show user different thing on a forum and the blog. But if you are using bbpress forum as a standalone forum only then you can leave creating any extra sidebar, and use the default sidebar.


To add sidebar for your forum if you are using a wordpress blog as well.

Goto Dashboard>plugins>add new – and search for bbpress wp tweaks



Goto Dashboard>appearance>widgets>bbPress sidebar and add the widgets that you like.


Adding Menus

Your user and visitors need a menu to navigate your forum, so head to the Appearance department and choose Menus, create a awesome menu, means containing links and user friendly and set it as your current menu for forum.


Other useful Shortcodes

Inspite of all other things, you may need this useful shortcodes, to make your navigation and menu more easy and user friendly

[bbp-login] – Display the login screen.
[bbp-register] – Display the register screen.
[bbp-lost-pass] – Display the lost password screen.

Get the whole list of shortcode on bbpress codex


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  1. Hello,
    I created many forums on different scripts (phpBB, Invision) and free platforms ( and yes, BBPress is one of the best solution to setup a new forum. The main advantage of BBPress is the fact it’s an extension of WordPress. So we can have the advantages of a forum with many beautiful themes and powerful features.
    But BBPress concerned only people who have a WordPress blog. And many forumers don’t appreciate the “blog” side. Another point is that the extension is dependant of WordPress installation : this morning I got an error message on BBPress after update other plugins.
    Thanks for this tutorial which explains how to setup and display a forum of discussion based on BBPress !

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