How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog by Tomorrow Morning

how to increase traffic to your blog

A Brief Guide To How to increase traffic to your blog

Are you not getting the Traffic that you want. Always dreamed of how to increase traffic to your blog and scrambling the Internet for Tips to Increase Your Traffic, Now its time to stop that scrambling process and get to the main idea. As Google updated their Algorithm recently popularly known as Panda and Pigeon Update, which dramatically shook the SEO and the SEO tactics followed by many of the website whether it includes Black Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO or the White Hat SEO. So whether you are publishing Quality content with Quantity, but there is a Secret Art of Publishing content that grabs the Attention of the people and Increase Your Traffic by Tomorrow Morning.  So what are you waiting for…

Secret Art of Writing Contents

3 Levels to increase traffic to your blog. 


  • Use Conversation words: Unlike others just publishing quality and quantity contents for increasing Traffics, Make use of “I” and “You” and they catch the readers attention and get them into conversation with your blog.
  • Make Paragraphs but Short: We recommend you to use paragraphs, but not long ones. Why? Have You ever been to any simple News site or to any website that have much bigger para’s that are valuable, but the question comes, ” Are you interested in reading those fat para’s”.
  • Keep it Simple: Keeping you content simple doesn’t means it won’t Increase Traffic or you are not a capable author. Always remember that the visitor is there for acquiring the knowledge he wants, he ‘s not for your Fancy words.
  • Post more frequently: According to Neil Patel of QuickSprout found that by posting high-quality posts 6x per week, blog traffic increased by 18.6% [501,573 visits/month]. So keep regular posting any BOOM you traffic.
  • Use Relevant Keywords: Make use of the keywords that are relevant to your post/article. Don’t shit like old-school keyword spamming, that not going to help you
  • Sub-Heading: Create a eye-catch content by turning you sub-heading into ” H2 or H3″. H2 Recommended, as not only it just grabs the visitors attention but its search friendly too.
  • Use Official Social Accounts: As soon as you write your content and publish it, remember to publish it to the the Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc but post only to the Official Accounts as social networks are to indexed and appear in the search results.
  • Make a Google+ Profile: If you are a Author then remember to publish the content to your Google+ profile, As Google Authorship has been removed but not the search index. Google+ have 50% more chances to appear in search results than any other social networks. As like Niraj Kashyap publishes his every post on his Google+ profile.




The 2nd Level on How to increase traffic to your blog.

  • Images Speaks: Use Good pictures or Infographics in you content as pictures speaks 1000 words in itself and if its infographics then may 100,000.
  • Create a Forum: Create a forum for your website/Blog, as many times visitors want to discuss with other visitors and this will absolutely increase your traffic
  • B, I, U : Use Bold , Italic and Underline in your post and and make your keywords reveal in Bold and Italic and make the links and important points Bold and Underlined.
  • Be a Story Teller:  Every human loves story and if you narrate the entire post/article like a story, the reader will have much clear concept at the end of the post and would like enjoying reading post and the related ones.
  • Share Stats: Sharing stats or statistical data in a post relevant to that. Hiding you stats won’t benefit you as readers won’t sow their interest to those who hides information from them.
  • It has been found that Numbers and some special words grabs attention much more than any other Title. Like : 10 Ways … , 25 Ways… , How To …  , Step By Step … , etc
  • Guest Posts on Relevant Sites: Guest posting on blogs that are relevant to your site will significantly boost your traffic by 12%. But avoid spamming and use of links more than 2 in posts, specially if you are Guest posting. As even Tricks2Blogging lets Guest Blogger post their articles on our site and have a qualified and Spam free backlink.



The Final Level on How to increase traffic to your blog.

  • Trending: Check Google Trending and see whats latest and Trending and Blog on it if its possible for you as Trending Keywords and contents can bring a surprised amount of Traffic from Search Results.
  • Always Check for Events that are Happening around the web and be alert on it. As at the time of launch of Apple iphone6 and iPhone 6+ , we have launched a post about it and it brought an Additional 5000+ Unique Visits on our blog.
  • Respond To Comments: A good author or blogger will respond to the comments within a few hours. This is essential as it build relationship between you and your commentators and keep them engaging to your blog and keep commenting.
  • Answer Questions: Try answering questions on Yahoo Answers or similar sites and answer questions that are relevant to your niche.
  • Interview: Interview some of the great and famous bloggers and Inspirational persons as they may share their interviews on their website which will definetly increase your Traffic.



As Neil said in his blog Creating great content is only half the battle. Promoting it is the other half. And we absolutely agree with it as ” Contents Are Great only if they are Shared as Great” – Niraj Kashyap.
So keep tailoring and following this 3 Level Steps on How to increase traffic to your blog and keep checking this post as we may UPDATE the content and Add some more steps in it, which will boost your Traffic by tomorrow morning. So we recommend you to Bookmark it and add you reactions/feedback and does this step helped you .

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  4. Bright Verge: Some of these points are fine but I’m not even sure what point six is all about. And how can you write a post about increasing blog traffic without including a point about the importance of guest blogging? That should be in here too, no???????????????????

    1. We have included the point ” Guest Posts on Relevant Sites” Under Intermediate. Please have a look.

      And are you talking about the point 6, i.e Sub-Heading.

      They are the important heading inside a post that you need to highlight, not for creating a good visual for humans but also for search bots, to let them come to know about that important point.


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