How To Fix Disqus Comments not Working in Thesis

When it comes on the top best plugins and frameworks for wordpress then we and many top level bloggers and website owners can certainly say a similar list. Like framework: Thesis or Genesis. So as we are using Thesis as our framework and Disqus as our comment plugin.

As this two are deadly combination for any blog to hit the ranking as both are light weight and super powerful scripts. Many users and bloggers were complaining that Disqus comment plugin don’t work on Thesis or doesn’t respond.  You would be aware that we recently changed our Framework, Theme, SEO plugin and comment plugin and we got a huge response in traffic.

As we shifted to Thesis and with the integration of Disqus, we were shocked that the comment form has disappeared and Disqus is not working, after checking the settings and backend codes we found ‘ NO Errors ‘ we contacted the developers where both say that their script don’t have any problem in dealing with each other. They work fine.

Then Why is it happening with me!. Not just me with many bloggers.

So after understanding the entire codes and running A/B testing on codes for hours trying several options, we found the way to solve this problem and the best thing you can solve your same problem within 5 minutes without the need of coding.


Step 1: Activate your Skin [Thesis Skin] and your Disqus plugin

This is the first and the foremost thing that you need to do, even if your plugin is not working. The next step is you need to configure your Disqus plugin with valid credentials and options.

All done!

Lets move to the next step


Step 2: Open your Thesis Skin Editor

Now navigate to the Thesis > Skin Editor and choose the single page from the page options. By default you will be in ‘Home’ page in the Editor.


Find your WP Loop or WP Post Loop, both are same, in the main container. Then find the Comment Container [In White].

Remove the whole container by holding the shift + left mouse button and drag and drop the box in delete area.

Click  Save Template


Step 3: Adding 1 box and Disqus comments appears




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