How To Create an Archives Page For Your Blog

I see many blogs poorly configured when it comes about archive pages. Archive pages are extremely important for your visitors, spiders, Search Engines and bots. The reason Archive page is extremely important is because of ALL the contents are accessible from single page. This method explained below works perfectly on wordpress using any theme or framework however If you are using Thesis framework and want an archive page..I have a special box for it..Contact me on or comment on this post to download that plugin.

Content on a Single page?

This means that all your tags, category monthly post and all your post with their respective links are in one single page which helps a visitor to quickly find what he is in search of and moreover it provide the bots and spiders all the link to crawl and index directly from a page without diving much deeper into the ocean of posts of yours.

In this post I want to show you how I put my archives page together so that you can do the same.

A Look at My Archives Page

First of all let’s take a look at my archives page: Here, Using the same method to Create an Archives Page 

How to Construct Your Archives Page? Lets Start to Create an Archives Page

You can create a similar or more advanced Archive page for your wordpress site in Two ways:-

  1. Manual Process to Create an Archives Page
  2. Semi-Automated Process
  3. Fully Automated

Manually Process: You can Create an Archives Page manually by copying and pasting links to each month, category and tag. More over you would also need to copy the post text and link and paste it on the Archive page to create a list but that would be a laborious job and there is a better way Automated Process.

Semi-Automated Process: In this process you need to split the work into 3 sections for ease of work and completion, so lets approach it and make your own archive page in 30 minutes.
So basically the Archive page will be connected to a custom template, which you can find on the right-hand side of your page. The custom template will be running some background php codes which we will be providing below. You don’t need to take even 0.01% stress, just follow this steps, copy and paste the codes and see your page working.
As said earlier, We will be creating a page template for our Archive page to work.

Fully Automated Process: To Create an Archives Page using the fully automated process you need to install some Plugins that has been mentioned below or just do it by watching our tutorial on this page, so lets approach it and make your own archive page in minutes.
So basically the Archive page

Fully Automated Process:

List of Plugins…

  1. Smarter Archives
  2. Archives
  3. Annual Archive
  4. Compact Archives
  5. Better Extended Live Archive
  6. Also Search for Plugins named after ” Archive “.

If you are using thesis framework and want an archive page..I have a special box for it..Contact me on or comment on this post to download that plugin.

Semi-Automated Process:

You need to have access to your FTP or File manager, where your wordpress is hosted. Open the directory and browse through wp-content > themes > Your Theme [Currently installed].

Now you can see your theme and its files and directories. The next step is creating the custom template.

1. Create a new file in Your Theme directory. Name it ‘page_archives_custom.php’.

3. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and create a page: pages > Add New. Name it Archives.
4. Edit the page “Archives” and assign your new custom template “Custom Archives” Under ‘Page Attributes’ (usually found on the right-hand side of the editor), select ‘Custom Archives’ from the ‘Template’ drop-down..
5. Publish/Update your page

Now when you view your page “Archives“, it should look exactly the same like our, but since you use different theme your theme css may effect the way it looks. If you encountered any problem, and can’t solve the problem by yourself then you can hire us to do your work.


How The Above Code Works?

As said earlier, we have spitted the work in 3 easy section and they are

  1. Date-Based Archives
  2. Categories
  3. post

We also have additional modification codes here below, try them to make a more powerful archives. Add the needed ones in your page_archives_custom.php and save the page. Little programming skill needed.


What is Date-Based Archives?

Date-based archives are enabled by default on your WordPress blog, until and unless you have disabled them via any plugin. The permalinks of your date-based archives should be as follows:

So if you want to link to say January 2015 in your archives, you would use the following URL;

That’s it!

Codes behind Categories

This is a very simple PHP code to show all the categories in a list, just add the code in your custom archive:

This  simply tells WordPress to list all the categories in alphabetical order without showing any post count on them.
(you can change ‘show_count’ to 1 if you do what people to see the number of posts per category).

Make sure you wrap the above code in ul like this ”

    paste the above code here
” .


This one is just similar to the above one, just you don’t need to add any ul code

That’s it! WordPress will now display a cloud of your tags on the archive page.


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