How to Cloak Affiliate Links on Your WordPress Site

Cloaking Affiliates link or any other links in WordPress is now just easy as copy and paste. For those who are not sure what does link cloaking means, then in this article we will explain what is Link Cloaking and how easily you can clock any links in wordpress using some free or paid plugins.

What is Link Cloaking and When do you need it?

Link cloaking is a technique used to make long URLs into a shorter and more user frindly. Link cloaking allows to turn long unreadable links to shorten memoriazable links.

Most affiliate links are lengthy, hard to remember, with some weird parameters and contains the user id / user affiliate name and the product id. The uncloaked, raw affiliate url may look something like this.

With Link cloaking you can shorten this ugly, unfriendly non-seo links to a clean, seo friendly link.

Here is the breakdown of the above cloaked url

site url   =   “”
base        =   “refer”
product name   =   “This will be the product name, in short and readable by your visitors. We use refer in our cloaked links on SmartActiveBlogger. Some other popular URL bases are goto,out, go, recommends,get, etc.”

It all depends upto you as what you want to use as your base.

12 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins and Tools for Cloaking Links. You should have one from this list.

Link Cloaking should be used by everyone who has an affiliate url in their blog. Link cloaking has many benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of cloaking links.

1. Additional Layer of tracking: Some link cloaking plugins allow you to track the hits, geolocation and the IP address of the cloaked links. Helping you easily track the high performing affiliate links and optimise it in the furute.

This is the best thing that a link cloaker provides. It allows you to change the URL of the affiliate source without turning your link into 404 error. If any affiliatesite changes their affiliate product urls, then your affiliate url may turn into 404 error if you dont cloak urls, but if you use any cloaking plugins then its just editing and pasting the new affiliate url.

3. AutoLinker: Not every link cloaking provides this feature but some does. Like thirstyaffiliates provides this autolinker feature for a premium price. This feature is great if you want to automatically turn a word into a url with your cloaked affiliate link in it.

Like on SmartActiveBlogger, we use auto linker and target words like bluehost, wpengine, MediaTemple. Every post that has the word bluehost automatically turns into an affiliate url.

4. Protecting against hijacking: Cloaked links also provide protection from your links getting hijacked. Hijacked links will be of no use to you as the affiliate id in the link will be changed to the hijackers affiliate id.

Cloaked links allow you to easily manage them from your admin interface and inject them into any words or post with just a click. It also  helps you to manage your affiliate links as all your cloaked links are under one roof.

We hope this article helped you learn how to cloak links on your WordPress site. You may also want to check out our list of the 12 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins and Tools for Cloaking Links.

As this top best listed tools and make your link cloaking journey easy and enjoyable.

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