How do I make $1000 a month with a blog or a niche site?

How To make $1000 a month from your blog

Dreaming to make $1000+ month is great if you don’t make that sort of money from your blog, but many successful bloggers make more than that from their blog. This passive income can only be generated by Build Value of yours and your blogs.

Building value of any sorts takes time. Specially if you want to make a passive income.


There are some rules and with combination of simple tools to acheive the dreams of making a passive income from your blog.

  • Begin with the Right Set of mind. It’s always good to walk through the process of the customer journey in reverse. A right and optimised set of minds will definitely help you acheive your goal much quicker without diffusing your dreams in the middle. Though making $1000 a month takes time, but once you acheived that, its just keeps flowing.
  • You must have the right ingredients.
  • You must have the Time: I remember I kept saying to my friends and families that i dont have time for any other thing, which was due to I took 3 projects at a time, and none completed on time. So, even my projects were delayed, I postponed 2 other projects and focused my complete time and efforts on the 1st projects and to the surprise, i completed though the new deadline, although i missed the earlier deadline. So have the Time for 1 thing at a Time.
  • It must be the Right Time: As in above i kept saying i dont have time, the reason was simple i took extra projects then i could complete within my time frame. And so I learned the Right Time, the right time for the right thing, which definetly helped me to complete my every projects in time. Ask around, look around, question anyone who has put in time and effort in building something of value, you will see it took great amount of dedicated and many many months.
  • Sale of Products: How much do you get for every item sold? How many visitors do you need per sale to generate $1000? If doing affiliate marketing, use the avg. sale for this (though realize that this is easier, it is almost always 100x more traffic for the same revenue).

Generating Revenue from your blog also depends upon your blogs features and the methods you used to create your blog. Here are certain steps or say important things to keep in mind:

  • Platform: Getting started with your blog with the right platform gives you the ultimate power of dominating your competitors and SEO. Moreover the unique features it provides helps to make your blog more appealing to other and a competition killer .
  • Hosting
  • Niche: When it even sound niche, everybody turns down into bloodhounds to find the best niche. Its true that niche can help you generate great income. only if you are capable to create great contents and build great traffic. Have a deep understanding of niche and how its research is done and then jump into one to get started with any particular niche.Concentrate on USA. List all the common things about US people. It can  be anything from electronic product to food products ( Have a brainstorm session with your friends). Use Google Adwords  Keyword tool. Search the term and find related keywords.
  • Keywords: Although SEO experts say that keywords are no longer used and valuable, But i doubt, its not only me its many after all google use the keywords to search and provide your results Search for keywords with monthly search traffic between 3000-5000 with low/medium competition and high CPC ($2+). NoteL Competition is used for Advertisers bidding on that particular keyword, dont confuse it with traffic competition.
  • Getting the Domain: Purchase the domain with that keyword in it. Your domain name should be unique but also it must be easy to remember. Domains that are unique and easy to remember are often liked by the readers to revisit the blog.
  • Addons: Blogs productivity is increased by adding addons and in wordpress they are known as plugins. Use  important plugins for proper performance and readership increase. (W3  total Cache, Quick Adsense, SEO plugin, Facebook like box, Social media plugins etc).
  • Relative keyword: Search for top 50 secondary keywords that are relative with your main keyword or your blog. Make use of Google Adwords Keyword Tool and search for keywords that have 1000-5000 monthly searches with high CPC.
  • Appealing Static HomePage: You have seen that we use a static homepage, Several other bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Daren Helperk all make use of their homepage to grab leads. Try to include those keywords in your homepage and make use of some tools to grab leads.
  • Post with reviews: write post with reviews of products that are related to your niche and use affiliate links within your post. Your reviews should be good and must not be oriented to make just affiliate money with it. Give your readers the best value and the true opinion. This will definitely help you build a strong conection with your readers.


Few Additional things and links:


1. Write about topics which will be searched forever, EverGreen Contents will make your blog get to the new heights with the articles itself
2. Make sure your PageSpeed is fast. Try and run some test on and Google PageSpeed Insights. Page speed makes a huge impact, specially when your website doesn’t loads within 5 secs which in turn makes your visitors leave your site
3. Use websites like to know about keyword density with several other problems and fixes.
4. Use SEMRUSH website to know about your competitors and their keywords. ( )

Additional Money Making Tips:


1. Make a strong reader base and then promote products. Affiliate products that are related to your niche and always provide the best value to your readers, in this way they keep coming back instead terming you selling yourself . Google Adsense is still strong but affiliate program still makes me more than half of Adsense. Try to make it in such a way so that you can use both medium.
Subscribe to blogs newsletter with the same emails on every blog that you enjoy reading. This way you will be informed and stay updated.

2. Want to make the whole process faster? Learn Facebook Advertising, to get likes and content reach for less than $0.01. Facebook is one of the best platform to engage with your readers.

If you have no idea as how to make a website then you can follow this guide: How to Make A Website From Scratch in 30 Minutes


Hint: To be successful on making money from your blog, you need an email list if you want sustainable traffic. This enables you to keep readers reading your material. Recommend reading: 7 Tools to Help You Take Your Email Marketing to The Next Level


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