Why Google Adsense Is The Best Advertising Network For You

Why Google Adsense Is The Best Advertising Network For Your Website - Tricks2Blogging

Google Adsense Is The Best

Today we are living in a digital world and we are connected through the internet for 24 hours and seeks solutions for our problem on Internet rather than seeking help from someone. So many people have created their blogs either to help, to get fame or to earn money. So whether it be on your mind to earn money or not but to cover up your server and maintenance cost you should have money and the best way for you to earn through your blog and websites is through Advertisements.

We all know how much companies and startups invest in advertising to grab the attention of yours and convert them to customers and subscribers. There are several Advertising networks that you can choose from like Chitika, BuySellAds, Infolinks, viglinks and many other, but the play is to choose the best from it. We all know how good is google products and Adsense is a google product which shows contextual ads.


Why Adsense, not Other Networks

If you have visited forums or blogs that deals in hacking, traffic generating or illegal music download, you may have seen that they too have ads on their website which frustrates us by their popups, sudden surprises, claiming you won something, or your pc is infected. Thats where you loose Money, Traffic and your valuable customers and subscribers.

But when it comes to Adsense, it shows the ads you are interested. Just for example You are searching and reading about the iPhone 6 Plus then the adsense will shows ads based on iPhone on other website where Ads are adsense powered. The Ads that will be shown to you will be of your choice and interest which is done by collecting cookies, and this means when any visitors visits your blog and see the ads about their interest, they click it = More clicks = More $$$ .


Easy to setup On your Website.

Adsense is really easy to setup, as easy that your 6 years old kid can do it. Don’t believe me right, Read this post:-  How and Where to Add Adsense Codes for Increasing Income.


Valuable Website is Adsense approved

You should probably know that adsense don’t approve all the websites that want to show adsense ads, I mean Adsense approves only those websites that has got valuable and unique contents and don’t use any Black Hat SEO, Backlink building or anything to generate traffic and get views.

As you know Quality Screams Louder than Quantity.

So if your website is showing Adsense Ads, you know know what it means and meanwhile Tricks2Blogging.com also shows Adsense ads.


One Account Several Websites

The best feature that we love about adsense is under one account [Approved] you can show the ads on several websites and we guaranteed that You will love it too. Yes, once you get your adsense account approved for hosted content, means websites you own, you can paste the ads code on all the website you own. Not like other ads network where you have to get approved for each and every website to show the ads.

Just keep in mind one thing that you follow the Adsense TOS for every website where you paste the Adsense Code, or you will the word – BANNED.



The support for Adsense is fabulous, unlike other Advertising Networks where you have to submit a ticket or via Email, Adsense support comes in forum and phone support. As Adsense has millions of Publishers and Advertisers, so sometimes you just need to search your problem instead of contacting them, as their forum is full of tutorials and solutions.



Have you earned more than $500 on some Advertising networks and hitting up the email for your payments, in-spite you have crossed your payment threshold, and suddenly you come to know that the website is fraud. But here in Adsense not only its genuine, you get your payment as soon as you reach your threshold minimum $100 or you can customise your own threshold.

Adsense comes with the best payment ways you want,

  1. Wire Transfer to Bank Account
  2. Cheque or Check
  3. Others


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