How To Get More YouTube Fans & Views with YouTube Fan Finder

We all know about YouTube, but do know that youtube is one of the best marketing platform in the world and it is the most visited website in the world that comes after Google. Yes, seems just s free video uploading channel and the most viewed video service on the internet, but competition has grown on the youtube as many of the uploaders has enabled adsense to earn money from their videos. And in this race, the more the video is viewed the more you earn and get popular, which you can get easily ranked up by the high competitive keywords and so here comes the YouTube Fan Finder.

Now whether you are a professional video or animator, building high qualities videos and uploading them on youtube, or just a Team, organisation or a selfie, making videos with a camera or mobile and using software like camtasia or windows movie maker to promote your blog, idea or do some marketing.

Now, even you have a lot of videos or views on some of your videos, you cannot build a fort on youtube if you lack subscribers. YES, SUBSCRIBERS, but good news is that youtube has brought a new youtube subscribe button which you can easily integrate on your website and get more subscribers. Before this button a lot of people wasted their time on website like fiverr to get youtube fans, which i don’t recommend.

So lets know How YouTube Fan Finder works!

As an announcement made by youtube on their official blog, they have discussed how the fan finder works.They said that inorder to get more fans/subscribers on their channel, we have launched a service which has been termed as YouTube Fan Finder

If you see videos on youtube quite, you have noticed that in certain videos a TrueView Video Ads appear, which lasts for quite a while, but you are deemed to see it for atleast 5 seconds, after which you can skip the ads. Now inorder to advertise across channels you have to pay a good amount, and here the MAGIC appears, YouTube Fan Finder is the same service which is provided for FREE, and in this case the Fan Finder video appears on your channels – search, videos and everywhere.

All you need to do is create a awesome or unique video which should not be more than 8 seconds, but we recommend that make it a 5 seconds video, with all the great qualities in your channel – the logic behind this is that, you cannot skip the 1st 5 seconds TrueView video ads that appear on video.

You can add multiple video under this service/program and the videos will appear automatically on targeted audience by the youtube algorithm.

YouTube have also suggested some guidelines:-

  • Take Good care of Branding.
  • Create a proper call in action buttons.
  • Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  • Focus videos on the type of channel you have created.

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