How To Get Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds

Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds?

Well you are a true blogger if you are reading this posts, Many of our subscriber asked how they can add Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds on their blog{blogspot} to make a automatic loading category, or json category which loads automatically, or for an RSS reader, getting Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds.

So, for all your requests we have brought the posts on how to do it step by step in a easy way. So for a blogger running his blog on blogspot or for a rss reader who wants to read and auto cache a specific label from blogger blog. So for any reason if you haven’t understand what is a specific label, then here is a example: is our blogger blog which we use only for testing purpose, So if i want to read all the posts which belong to blogger tricks from that blog in my rss reader then i will visit the specific label

So in the above url the specific label is the words that follow after /label/, and in this case the specific label is BLOGGER%20TRICKS. Blogger Specific labels are used in many ways, one of the famous example is the famous mashable style menu for blogger, that uses json to load the image for specific category/labels in the menu itself and bring a clear and broad description of what the label is for.

It can be seen in wordpress, popularly known as Maga menu. So the default way to get Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds and if you want to read using labels and if also has site feeds enabled, then you are capable to pick and choose which topics you want to subscribe to. The format for label feeds is something like this:

Here is an example of the famous mashable menu for blogger using Bloggers specific labels RSS Feeds

Do not remove any words, symbols or hypens from the url, you are just required to replace the domain name [] with your domain name and the labelname with the label you want to subscribe for.

Please not that if the label is a single word then you don’t have any problem typing the label name, but if the label name contains too many words or symbols then you should open that domain label in the url itself as the url formats the strings into the url format which is easy for the programming scripts to read without generating any error.

As in our case we copied the entire url from the url address bar itself:- If you notice deeply you will find that our label in human readable format is BLOGGER TRICKS but in browser format its BLOGGER%20TRICKS. Here  %20 stands for symbol which is automatically formatted by the browser.

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