How to Generate Traffic For your Blog with Quora

How to Generate Traffic For My Blog with Quora

Modern SEO has changed a lot from the SEO we had back then. Now its now about ranking #1 in Search results. Its about providing enormous value to your readers, so that those who visit your blog through search engines they’ll stick around instead of bouncing off.
Most likely, you’ve got a lot of competition from thousands not millions of blogs and writers. Millions of pieces of content are published every month and 100s every day, the majority being written content.

So, you can either stand out from the crowd, with valuable content, or get drowned with mediocre content. The choice is yours

There’s no middle ground.

While valuable content are hard to find and even harder to write and publish it, but they also bring your the candy crush of traffic upon your blog.

As the rise of long tail keywords, while some bloggers ignoring them or others deeply injected it through out their blog.

Head keywords (e.g., running shoes) have huge search volumes, but long tail keywords (e.g., best running shoes for beginners) will help you rank higher in the Google results, because they’re less competitive.

Top brands and companies with huge marketing/ads budgets don’t go after long-tail keywords, because the search volumes are relatively small.

Though the traffic is low but, the what will be coming to you will be highly targeted and motivated, because they’ve specified exactly where they are (beginners) and what they want (to buy running shoes).

And it is lot easier to convert them into customers, readers as you already know by now why they are here and it will be a ease for you to help them convert.

In fact, long-tail keywords convert 2X better than their associated head keywords.

boost traffic through quora

However, in this article I want to show you how to generate long-tail keywords using Quora.

Quora Keywords Research

quora ranking

No matter what idea hits you or what topic you choose to blog, you will find several answers and topics on quora by their authors who are the leaders in that field.

Although quora wont provide you a huge difference on your blog traffic nor it will send thousands of traffic to you, but if you are just starting and and 100 – 300 visitors will make a change for you.

Are you serious about blogging? Then you should use

Quora is great for keyword research although it doesn’t gives you the keyword directly. Throughout this section, I’ll show you how to use it for that purpose.

Understand How Quora Works

Inorder to start with Quora, you will need an account and indeed -it’s free to signup. When you log in to your account for the first time you will find “Top Stories”.

This top stories are pulled through the keywords that you choose during your signup process and any keyword that you have marked during the signup process will be displayed in your Top Stories.

That area is referred to as “Knows About.”  There, you can describe your areas of expertise. Offcourse you can add any keyword later if you have not done so in the first step.
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Once you filled the topics you are interested in, you are ready to start with quora.

People ask the same question many times until they get an answer that satisfies their want and the desire of asking that question.

Make a note of such question and if you are using wordpress as your cms then just create a new post with the topic name and save as draft, so that you can later research on that topic and provide the best answer within your niche leaders

quora topics

Before we get into the keyword research process, one other important section of Quora that you should become familiar with is the list of “Related Questions.”

When you click on a particular question, you’ll see something similar to this on the right side:

What you have to do is provide the answers but with a list style and only provide 60% of the the answer on quora.  That said enough, lets breakdown this entire lengthy steps into readable points:-

1). Treat questions as keywords: You might never have given it much thought, but in reality, questions are actually keywords and they play a great role in search results, not like a question but like a keyword.

You may be surprised as keywords doesn’t ends with a “?” like a question does, but once you change your perspective to see question as a keyword, a whole new are opens to you.

Google and other search engines breaks down your search query into keywords and then combine those keywords to provide you the best results.

So just reverse engineering the question into keywords, you will end up with hundreds of long tail keywords.


2). Reverse-engineer questions and look for related keywords: Quora is simply spectacular and simple in its mode of operation. It splits down everything to two simple steps:

  • Anyone can ask and answer questions of anything…
  • The community votes on which answers are most helpful and rank it higher.

That makes it a robust platform to you by providing you a ready-made platform to answer on questions in which you already expertise and for this, you’ll use a concept known as “reverse engineering.”

These are the long-tail keywords that you might not otherwise find in Google AdWords Keyword Planner:

  • why is it so hard for me to blog
  • why is blogging so hard
  • finding it hard to blog regularly

Are you serious about blogging? Then you should use

As now you are Armed with these profitable keywords, you can create a eye-catching clickable and keyword-rich title for your content. For example:

  • Question Answered: Why Is It So Hard for Me to blog regularly?
  • 13 Reasons Why Blogging is So Hard for Most People
  • Are You Finding It Hard to Blog regularly? 5 Simple Things You Can Do

3). 60/40 Rule:

This is the hen which lays golden eggs, since now your contents are unique and are valuable to readers, you make a promo post that include some of your valuable contents and making that promo post as an answer to the question asked.

Since your promo post doesn’t include all the details, one who is interested in knowing the entire article has to read your original post which is only available on your blog.

As you have to link back to your blog so that the readers who are interested in your content may continue their reading on their blog and if the wish they can convert their.

You can use this simple sentence to link back without being a shameless self promoter. Here is what I use,

“Warning: Shameless self-promotion coming up

If you want to read the whole article, it’s available here: Include your post link.


Keyword research isn’t for lazy marketers and bloggers looking for a quick buck. It might look simple, but it’s a process that can make or break your business.

You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find keywords and even long tail keywords, but you’ll be racing against your competition, because that’s the tool that authoritative sites like mashable, thenextweb! Business, Inc. and several others use.

Or, you can use Quora and Google Trends to generate low-hanging fruit that’s ripe for your picking using the LTK.  You can use these research tools to create irresistible and eye-catching titles and content that will actually drive organic traffic.

Which other keyword research tool works for generating profitable long-tail keywords for you?


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