Essential WordPress Setting After Fresh WordPress Installation

Have you just completed your self hosted wordpress installation, and now you want to know what to do next. Yes, the biggest question for your wordpress blog to work really fine is the essential wordpress settings after install to make it nice, cooler, SEO effective and user friendly. Its just like setting the roots of your foundation or setting the roots of your future red wood tree. A few tweaks in your wordpress settings can make your site become much more beautiful and Audience friendly within a few minutes.

So why are we wasting time on that, lets get started with the process. Login to your wordpress Admin Dashboard and navigate to settings.

General Settings

In general settings fill up the Site title and Tag Line, then fill the email to something like [email protected] If you want users to register on your website then tick the Membership, as anyone can register.

Writing Settings

In writing , scroll below until you see the update service. You will see that [blockquote source=””][/blockquote] is already there. Delete that link and copy the below link and paste it there.

[divider type=”white|thin|thick|short|dotted|dashed” spacing=”10″]

Permalink Settings

Next go to permalinks setting and choose custom structure.

Below we have shown the full custom permalinks that will work in wordpress.

  • %year%
    Custom structure:   Output:
  • %monthnum%
    Custom structure:   Output:
  • %day%
    Custom structure:   Output:
  • %hour%
    Custom structure:   Output:
  • %minute%
    Custom structure:   Output:
  • %second%
    Custom structure:   Output:
  • %post_id%
    Custom structure:   Output:
  • %postname%
    Custom structure:   Output: [only if post title is This is my first post ]
  • %category%
    Custom structure:   Output: .
  • %author%
    Custom structure:   Output: .

Here is the beautiful way

[blockquote source=”Output:- “][/blockquote]

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Coming on to Plugins.

Plugins are really !Important, you can’t just ignore them. Its just like you are working on Laptop for long hours without any plugin or Chargers. So is the same for wordpress. it can work, but not that well if you use plugin. The very first and foremost you need to install the JetPack. Yes, you heard right, jetpack is the backbone of wordpress, it is the only plugin that is going to show you the stats of your web, backup your blog, and provide many small but useful plugins built-in.

To install this plugins, Goto Plugins > Add New and search for it in your admin dashboard.

Next are this.

  • P3 Performance
  • SEO by Yoast
  • Google Analytics []
  • html Email template
  • Google+
  • Google Publisher Plugin
  • Limit Login Attempts

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