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Hey Bloggers, Website Owners or anyone who has got a website/wordpress website and a good social followers and want to show of them to your new visitors and audiences, and also turn them to your subscribers and followers. Everybody wants this but a very few succeeds. So here we let you the tips and some plugins to achieve that goal.

So basically these are Plugins that comes for WordPress and with a install you get going miles and miles. So lets stop doing blah…blah..blah and get going…

Social Count Plus – [License – Free ]

Proudly Display the counting data of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Steam Community, SoundCloud posts and comments of your account. You can set a little shortcode to view anywhere or just use the widget.

It has got all the option and shortcodes. we personally loved this plugin,

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Steam
  • SoundCloud
  • Posts
  • Comments

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WP Responsive Social Counter Plugin

SocialFans- Tricks2Blogging-2-may-2014Comes bundled with 21 social networks like facebook, twitter and google+, this plugin is just like putting your website on fire and trending heat. We really loved this plugin and are used by used by thousand of website owners.


  • 21 social networks
  • built on Bootstrap
  • retina ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • 3 Different Styles with animation choices

You can get this plugin from codecanyon: “Download Plugin”



SocialBox [Paid] 

Social Counter WordPress Widget

Tricks2Blogging-social-box-at May 02 15-03-45What could we say about this plugin.. The more said is less.


Displays the number of:

  1. Twitter Followers.
  2. Youtube Channel Subscribers.
  3. Forrst Followers.
  4. GitHub Followers.
  5. MailChimp Subscribers.

Additional featured also included, visit “about me”




Socials Bytes [Paid]

Tricks2Blogging-Socia;-Bytes at May 02 15-21-23


  1. WordPress Widget ready
  2. WordPress Shortcode ready
  3. Shortcode settings page included
  4. Shortcode Button inside posts editor added.
  5. Retina Ready
  6. 6 Beautiful themes
  7. 12 Networks available.

“Download Plugin”

Want something free, Don’t want to spend any more bucks on plugins or anything else. We got solution for that too, Awesome, isn’t it?  This plugins comes free and can be easily installed on your wordpress website through ” Add new Plugin”.

Its just a step away, use the search plugin feature and search for the name of the plugin that you like.

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Tricks2Blogging-Shareholic at May 02 16-17-43

A full throttle plugin for your wordpress Site, includes widgets, bookmarking and many thing else. Compatible for all themes, Different post types, pages, blah….blah.




Flares WordPress Plugin


You can’t ignore Flares, it is one of the best plugins to share and showoff your social counts, Even if it is compared to Paid version , it can compete with that. Flares comes with many different flavours preinstalled, just activate the plugin, choose the flavour , add your social usernames, and you are ready to go.

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Juiz Social 

Tricks2Blogging-juiz at May 02 16-47-12

As Flares, the beautiful plugin support has been withdrawn along with development. Means no more updates or new features, which is a real disappoinment. But we bring here the Juiz Social, same as Flares. And doesn’t include any javascript. Means it will save bandwidth and time when sharing.


Sharing is Caring . Have a Nice Day!



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