Best Fonts To make your Website Attractive & Faster Loading

 List Of The Best Fonts To make your Website Attractive

Yes, you read it right, if you are unaware that unwanted or poor fonts affect your website in many ways.
Every fonts has a load time to get itself ready and implement on the website. Google fonts shows this thing very clearly, that’s why we choose Google fonts. Google fonts provides fonts for free and and over cdn.

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 > Stalemate

Stalemate- Tricks2Blogging

vintage origins script but still modern flair. Symbol of confidence and carefree attitude.


> Crimson Text

crimson text - Tricks2Blogging

With small caps on their head, these font is one of the best suited fonts for Blogging, as this font has a very little load time and gives a clear look and feel to your website.


> Fjord One


Got a online magazine store or ebook services, or got a lot of text, this font is best suited for this work. Best for creating a reading website that good and eye friendly. Born form serif typeface, this font was created for only one purpose, printing books and magazines. We recommends to use this type of fonts as it makes your content readable and is one of the Best Fonts To make your Website Attractive.


Roboto – Another Best Fonts To make your Website Attractive


Roboto’s nice and beautiful curves, what to say about that. Thats really a font that can make your website OOoo.. It makes more natural reading rhythm and paragraphs.





Best suits if you want to create a lot of paragraphs and lines. this fonts makes reading easier even when the font sizes is such smaller . This can also be used for creating tabs and


Open Sans



Are you a web-designer than you must definitely check this section: TypographyFonts For Web Design



Make use of this fonts makes your website more human readable and google friendly as after a heavy research we found out that this the Best Fonts To make your Website Attractive.



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