How to Add Awesome Demo And Download Button With Hover Effects

How to Add Awesome Demo And Download Button With Mouse Hover Effects - Awesome Demo And Download Button

Awesome Demo And Download Button

In this tutorial we have made the following demo and download button for blogger and html websites. For blogger they have to follow step by step and for HTML websites they just have to copy and paste the HTML and CSS codes where they want the buttons to appear.


Go To Blogger – Design- Edit HTML
Backup your template
Click the “Expand Widgets Template” box
Search for this,

Below that paste the following code

Save your template.
Now add the below code where ever you want the Demo and Download Link to appear in you posts

Replace with your DEMO LINK
Replace with your DOWNLOAD LINK

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By default the demo and download buttons will be in Blue colour.It can be changed to orange colour and green colour by simplying replacing blue by green for green colour button and orange for orange colour buttons.


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