3 Simple Ways to Automatically Update WordPress Plugins

3 Simple Ways To Automatically Update WordPress Plugins

It annoying for anyone to update a plugin every day since new updates are rolled frequently by their developers. In this article we will show you 3 easy and Simple ways to enable automatic updates for WordPress plugins.

Why You Should Automatically Update WordPress Plugins?

By default WordPress can automatically update itself when a minor or security update is released but for major releases you have to manually update WordPress. But in case of plugins, they don’t get automatic updates by default.

Since security of your site is crutial and to keep it safe and stable you need to use the latest version which is only possible by updating WordPress, plugins and themes.

To update plugins you have to either do it manually or use some techniques.

Setting up 3 Simple Ways to Automatically Update WordPress Plugins.

  1. Automatic plugin updates using WordPress account
  2. Setting up Automatic Update via PHP codes
  3. Automatically Install Updates for Plugins in WordPress using Plugins

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1. Automatic plugin updates using WordPress account

Now having the Automatic Plugin update is just one click way. All you need to do is connect your WordPress blog with wordpress.com, you can use jetpack to connect your blog to wordpress.com.

Once connected visit wordpress.com and click on My Sites on top left corner and choose your blog which you have connected.

Choose Plugins from left sidebar, it will list all the plugins you have installed in your WordPress blog.

Automatically Update WordPress Plugins

Click the Auto updates switch to turn on the automatic update feature.

2. Setting up Automatic Update via PHP codes

If you have a little knowledge about codes and WordPress editor then this process would be really easy for you. To set your WordPress to automatically install all plugins updates, you just need to add a single line of code to your theme’s functions.php file.

This line tells WordPress automatic updater script to automatically install plugin updates when a new update is available.

3. Automatically Install Updates for Plugins in WordPress using Plugins

If you don’t want to have your hands dirty with the codes above then the same result can be achieved by using a free plugin from WordPress repository known as Automatic Plugin Updates.

Moreover if you have lots of plugins and you wish to keep a few of them automatically updated, then this plugin is for your rescue.

automatic plugin update - wordpres plugin

After installing and activating the plugin, you need to visit Settings > Automatic Plugin Updates page to configure the settings.

automatic plugin update - wordpres plugin

The plugin lists all the plugins that you have installed and gives you the option to disable the automatic updates to the plugins you select. It also provides you the option to receive email notifications for Automatic updates.

That’s all, the plugin will now automatically update all plugins except the one exempted from the automatic updates.

Note If you are using Automatic Plugin Updates, then you don’t need to use the code auto_update_plugin filter.

We hope this article helped you setup automatic updates for plugins in WordPress. You may also want to see our guide on 9 Best WordPress Plugins For Backup And Restore.

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