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All in one seo

When it comes to wordpress there are tons of SEO Plugins with tons of promising, but only a few delivers the words it promise and I have covered some of the best here at SmartActiveBlogger,  and so today I’m back with another great Plugin for wordpress in the field of SEO.

Download: All in one SEO PACK Free plugin

Or Buy the Premium Version of The AIOSEO Limited Time Sale: $79.00 $39.00 ]

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Before you start configuring this plugin, I highly recommend you to prefer the video tutorials for better understanding. The latest version of All in One SEO the free version is not much better and can even compete with SEO by Yoast, I just wish the interface would be much better and something like Yoast

  • Learn how to Noindex WordPresss tags, Categories and attachments for improving Search bots crawling
  • A DIY guide to WordPress SEO

WordPress is said to be pre-optimized for SEO as soon as you install but apart from default settings many things influence it like the theme and plugins, there are many settings we need to do to make it rock-solid for search engine and our competitors. Here is a complete Step by Step configuration guide for All in one SEO Pack WordPress Plugin, which will help you to make your blog search engine friendly.

Complete guide to Setup All in One SEO Pack Plugin

General Settings:

Pro Version


Free Version



Home Page Settings:

In the home page settings you will get a setting as Use Static Front Page Instead: with the option to enable or disable. Now you need to Enable it only of you are using a custom page as a home page or a static front page.

Enabling it makes you to change your homepage seo from the page itself which has been set as a Static page and

Disabling it makes you change it from the plugins > general setting itself. Here is a screenshot .

  • Home Title – Use your Blog name along with tag line. (Ex: SmartActiveBlogger – Smart ways to Blogging)
  • Home Description: To be within 160 character, write what your blog is about. Make it meaningful, informative and contains that words that would attract audience.
  • Home Keywords : Are you using Meta Keywords, Its no longer useful.



Next option is keyword settings and as i mentioned meta keywords is no longer useful so disable that option, and that is the best option for it

In Title setting, i would recommend you to leave the format untouched and enable these three option as shown in the pictures.



For custom post type settings, and display settings, you can leave things as it is. Its really good and optimised, Go for change only if you know how you want your blog title to be displayed in the searches.


Custom Post Type Settings

Since the wordpress is getting better and better day by day and many plugins has been developed to create new custom post types, so we indeed need some seo plugin to optimise that posts/pages too, and luckily the AIOSEO does it. But the AIOSEO pro version comes with one great feature which the free version doesn’t and thats ” 


The custom post type SEO settings along with taxonomies settings is a perfect one pack plugin when it comes to someone who uses custom post types in their wordpress. Optimising options for the taxonomies makes the process much better for making your post ready for search engines.


Display Settings

Display settings gives the power in your hands to either show the AIOSEO optimising panel on each post, page, media and custom post types. Making it a hell lot easier to get the AIOSEO optimising panel on only those post types which you want to optimise.




Download: All in one SEO PACK Free plugin

Or Buy the Premium Version of The AIOSEO Limited Time Sale: $79.00 $39.00 ]

Webmaster verification

If you are using webmasters or have just started now to use it, you definitely know that you need to place a meta tag on your head portion of your theme, which basically lies in Appearance > Editor >header.php, but in many cases if you are using some framework, then this method doesn’t work, making it hard to verify your webmasters account. But AIOSEO comes pre-packed with this option. All you need to do is just paste the unique verification tag in the respective field and hit the save changes button. This is useful to verify your WordPress blog on Google webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool and Pinterest. All you need to do is, submit your website to all of these three websites, grab the verification key, and paste it here.


Google Settings

All in One SEO plugin supports Google authorship and many features with it, even the Google Analytics. Simply add your Google plus profile URL for an Author and a Publishers URL, and on your Google plus profile you need to edit, and add your blog URL to your Blog. Also you can add Google analytics ID here to quickly enable Google analytics tracking for your blog which eveb alows you to use Universal tracking code.


Noindex Settings:

This is one of the most important settings, as you don’t want your archive pages to be indexed in Google. Archive pages sometimes may confuse readers, turn the bots sad or even provide everyone with a one stop page to get all resources.

But one stops archive pages are not likes by your readers as they may want the exact result for the terms they have searched for, so no indexing them is the best solution.



Advanced Settings


Under Advance settings, uncheck the option which says “Auto generate descriptions”, as it’s a good idea to write meta description of your own in a way, which can yield better CTR.

Click on Update settings, and you are all set with All in one SEO plugin settings.

Download: All in one SEO PACK Free plugin

Or Buy the Premium Version of The AIOSEO Limited Time Sale: $79.00 $39.00 ]

If you have any doubt or question regarding All in One SEO plugin, feel free to ask me via comment. If you find this tutorial informative, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.


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