3 Ways To Speed Up WordPress Load Time By Compressing

Speed Up WordPress load time – Dreamed of it, now its possible by compressing and minimising the load time. No one, even you will not like to hang on a website that is still loading. According to a survey more that 45% visitors left the website because it took a load time more than 5 seconds and 28% of them advised other not to visit that particular website.

So what are the steps you should follow to boost up your website load time? Just a simple steps, install this plugins and configure it too get a blazing speed.

#1 Minify HTML, Javascript’s and CSS

Minifying this codes in simple means that you remove all the white spaces from the codes making it  a simple long 1 line code. White spaces make the codes Human readable, but servers and browsers don’t really care for that. It just executes the code as long as it is valid and without any errors.

So you may be thinking that , Now you have to go through editing the codes and deleting all the whitespaces. “LOTS Of Work”.  No, Relax , WordPress has got Plugins that could do all the work for you, just by installing them. The Plugins are

  • W3 Total Cache and
  • WP Minify .

Specially this two plugins are very popular, there are other plugins too which are capable of doing the same thing – speed up wordpress load time, and are widely used by others.




Now another step of  Speeding Up WordPress Load Time is zipping up all the static files within your wordpress website and allowing the browser to download the zipped file instead of downloading static files one by one. Obviously now you know we have got plugin for this too. Although W3 Total Cache compresses the files but not as good as these below.

The plugins that we recommend, which can speed up wordpress load time.

These plugins are very popular on the internet.


#3 Compressing Images

Now if you have a quality content website, I am pretty sure it won’t be without images. So about 75% of the bandwidth and time is consumed by the images. So optimizing and compressing images is a recommended step. High resolution images take a longer time to load then any other images and can dramatically slow down the load time of your website. So when it comes on optimizing the images these plugins are best in their class.



So we have described and mentioned you the best way of Speeding up the load time of your WordPress website. It’s now your time to upload and activate the plugins on your website and see the changes. So before proceeding with the plugins i will recommend you to check the current speed of yours website by visiting Google PageSpeed inSight and after implementing the plugins. Check again with the google insights. we guarantee you that your WordPress site will boost load now.

If you were successful by speeding up your website by our simple method, please comment below with your website address and your performance results.



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  1. I’ve been using some of these plugins as well as others to make my project wordpress site nice and fast. The word “fast” is always a tricky one as perceived speed can be a good thing too and the metrics you use for measuring speed are also important. Google PageSpeed Insights is a good tool as it covers not just speed optimisations. I’m currently rocking 97/100 on mobile and 98/100 on desktop for my homepage at the moment and I’ve posted about how I got there. Lots more to do though!

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