10 Great Tips To Create an Engaging Posts in Facebook Page

10 Great Tips To Create an Engaging Posts in Facebook Page

So you want to create a Create an Engaging Posts, no matter you are creating it for Facebook or for your website or blog.  Just follow this easy steps and achieve that success, as this steps are posted after deep research by Niraj kashyap for over 3 months. Don’t Forget Sharing this post.

1. Drive people to your website using Links

The backbone of your website, that lets your facebook audience connect to your website are “Links”. Link posts  have a larger, clickable area, grabs quick attention, make audience curious to know more and helps drive people to your website.
  • In your Page’s status sharing area, paste your post url and hit the enter
  • Next step is automatically done by facebook, it grabs
  • The title, description and image from your URL and even gives the power to you to customize the text and image of the post
  • Try using a clear, larger image in your post to grab attention of your audience, also try to maintain a good post title and description.

2. Engaging using Rich media, post, images and videos

  • Rich media  contents  like photos and videos or animated images get more attention of users and help your messages/posts stand out in News Feed.
  • As pictures of your friends are more engaging, because users like to engage with other users, so try posting images of your of your customers enjoying your service/product
  • Try to keep your posts neat and tidy and always try to keep it between 100 and 250 characters to get more engagement. Shorter, succinct posts are better received

3. Create a two-way conversation

  • two-way conversation are always helpful, as you come t know about your customers and what they think, also it attracts other users towards it.
  • Try posting contents which has a good customers feedback and try to display it to other users.
  • Ask your customers for feedback and ask their desire and wants they seek in your product and services..

4. Provide exclusive discounts and promotions

  • Offer special deals or perks to your customers to keep them interested and to drive online sales. Include call to actions with links to the most relevant page on your website.
  • You can also attract more customers by declaring a 20% or so discounts on products, Also buy 1 get 1 free is .

5. Provide exclusive information to your Audience

  • Reward people who are connected to your Page and like extra discount coupons, redeemable codes only for your customers who are connected to your page, in this way new users will like to connect to your page .
  • Try a free give away on occasions, or some special day.

6. Be UptoDate  and Timely

  • Audience engagement will only increase when you regularly post topics related to their interest and are up-to-date.
  • Time is the major factor in increasing engagement, like replying to comments made on your posts as fast as possible, as it will engage more fans
  • Alert or Notify your customers about the upcoming events or sale.

7. Make your own calendar

  • The easiest way to keep engaging your customers and audience is to make a conversational calender for yourself with ideas and topics and keep checking them out whether they are done successfully or not.
  • Calender not only helps to post regularly, it also builds a two way conversation for you with your customers, means it helps you post regularly, keep you audience interest strong and firm,
  • A content calendar will not only help you post regularly, but will ensure your content is well planned, interesting, and that you don’t miss major business events and news. Find a frequency that works for you and your audience.

8. Scheduling your posts

  • Schedule are always helpful, as they you know in advance what you have to do and your upcoming plans to execute.
  • Try to figure out when your fans and audience are online by analyzing you insights you can easily know, and try posting and engaging with them at that time.

9. Targeting

  • Engagement only increases if engagement is engaged, means try engaging those users who are really interested in your products, target them directly via email or adding them to groups, and notify about your offers, post, discounts and promotions.
  • Try adding new users to that engagement, not simply, but inviting new users and turn them to engagement users.

10. Check you Perfomance

Its not just you have done all the above points and missed this one, the important point is always check your performance, and how are you doing, not just that see your insights and check when are your customers engaging to your page, which post are most trending, where are you audience from, are they male and female, languages used, etc.


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